10 Great Indie Movies You May Have Missed

8. Cyrus


A divorcee (John C. Reily) finds the woman of his dreams, but she is reluctant to let the relationship continue because she is worried that her son Cyrus might feel uncomfortable. Cyrus, although may not sound like a pretty depressing movie at first, is pretty depressing. Jonah Hill as Cyrus is a pretty convincing performance, as there’s not much to it (Don’t underestimate Hill, he’s really a great actor), but this film has a deeper meaning than just a story about a mama’s boy (I.e. psychological problems). Cyrus isn’t a great movie by far, but isn’t a bad film either. Check it out, you might be surprised.


7. The Invention Of Lying


In a parallel universe where lying doesn’t exist and everyone is happy, a man lies to a bank teller and nobody has a clue about it. Soon, everything spirals out of control. The Invention Of Lying, directed and starring Ricky Gervais, was pretty well conceived by critics, and though not yet becoming a staple of comedy, has just about reached status as a cult classic. The Invention Of Lying pretty much revolved around it’s original concept, because it pretty much writes itself. This movie shouldn’t be too hard to find, so watch it and love it.