18 Great Directors Make Their Come Backs in 2012

We fans always wish that every director can make films in the speed of Woody Allen,but unfortunately some of them make films in the speed of Stanley Kubrick.Among the directors I’m gonna mention below,some of them really kept us waiting for a looong time,like Wong-Karwai(5 years),Paul Thomas Anderson(5 years),Leos Carax(13 years),and some of them just impressed us with their latest work last year,like Woody Allen,David Cronenberg and Terrence Malick.Most of these directors’ new works will be Cannes Festival potential contender,so it  will be another great competition this year.Let’s have a look at what directors and films we can expect in the next few months.


director comeback


#1 Michael Haneke

New Film: Amour

Last Film: The White Ribbon (2009)


#2 Ken Loach

New Film: The Angel’s Share

Last Film: Route Irish (2009)


#3 Walter Salles

New Film: On the Road

Last Film: Linha de Passe (2008)


#4 David Cronenberg

New Film: Cosmopolis

Last Film: A Dangerous Method (2011)


#5 Abbas Kiarostami

New Film: The End

Last Film: Certified Copy (2010)


#6 Wong Kar-waï

New Film: The Grandmasters

Last Film: My Blueberry Nights (2007)


#7 OlivierAssayas

New Film: Something in the Air

Last Film: Carlos (2010)


#8 Michel Gondry

New Film: The We and the I

Last Film: The Green Hornet (2011)


#9 Hong Sang-soo

New Film: In Another Country

Last Film: The Day He Arrives (2011)


#10 Xavier Dolan

New Film: Laurence Anyways

Last Film: Heartbeats (2010)


#11 Lu Chuan

New Film: The Last Supper

Last Film: City of Life and Death (2009)


#12 Manoel de Oliveira

New Film: Gabo and The Shadow

Last Film: The Strange Case of Angelica (2010)


#13 Paul Thomas Anderson

New Film: The Master

Last Film: There Will Be Blood (2007)


#14 Wes Anderson

New Film: Moonrise Kingdom

Last Film: Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009)


#15 Woody Allen

New Film: Nero Fiddled

Last Film: Midnight Paris (2011)


#16 Terrence Malick

New Film: Voyage of Time

Last Film: The Tree of Life (2011)


#17 François Ozon

New Film: Dans la maison

Last Film: Potiche (2010)


#18 Leos Carax

New Film: Holly Motors

Last Film: Pola-X (1999)


If those come backs can’t excite you enough,try to find more big names here.

Which come back you expect the most ?? And which director needs a come back ASAP??