10 Great Movies Favored By Paul Thomas Anderson

In just over twenty-five years and nine feature films, Paul Thomas Anderson has developed a body of work that’s unmatched in contemporary cinema. Where other filmmakers of the video store generation swayed towards genre (Quentin Tarantino), or some towards blockbuster actioners (Christopher Nolan), Anderson stayed true to the emotive impulses of classic cinéma vérité, all […]

7 Reasons Why Paul Thomas Anderson Should Win Best Director Oscar This Year

2017 kept its greatest work toward the end of the year. This went as expected; many producers and studios try to get their most proud work recognized during the awards season. One film that definitely made an impact was the secretive “Phantom Thread” by Paul Thomas Anderson. All we knew about the film was that […]

10 Reasons Why Paul Thomas Anderson Is The Greatest Filmmaker Of Our Generation

Paul Thomas Anderson: 'As a film-maker, you have to convince people to follow your madness'

Frogs falling out of the black night sky. An oil well owned by a man possessed by greed blowing up. A drug-infused investigative endeavour. Two men fighting in a garden, rolling around on the grass – in love or repulsion? Dissecting the emotion that drives the characters or the storyteller in a Paul Thomas Anderson […]

18 Great Directors Make Their Come Backs in 2012

We fans always wish that every director can make films in the speed of Woody Allen,but unfortunately some of them make films in the speed of Stanley Kubrick.Among the directors I’m gonna mention below,some of them really kept us waiting for a looong time,like Wong-Karwai(5 years),Paul Thomas Anderson(5 years),Leos Carax(13 years),and some of them just […]