Top 10 Love-Obsession Movies

In my last post,I list some of the greatest romance films ever-made,in today’s list,we are gonna discover the dark side of it together.Love is horrible when it becomes an obsession,women are man’s obsessions and love itself is women’s obsession.So I’m gonna divide this list into two parts to explore some of the craziest love stories in cinema history.You should not miss them simply because there are many great performances here.Comments for each are left blank for you guys to fill in.

Men’s obsessions for women

#10 Phantom

phantom murnau

#9 The Blue Angel

the blue angel


#8 Lolita


#7 That Obscure Object of Desire


#6 M. Butterfly


#5 Vertigo


Women’s obsessions for love

#4 Camille Claudel

camille claudel

#3 Breaking the Waves


#2 Betty Blue


#1 In the Realm of the Senses



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Let me know if I have missed any great ones of this kind.