10 Great 2020 Movies That Should Have Been Nominated For Best Picture

The Academy Awards are a source of both irritation and recognition for film fans. In many ways, the process of celebrating the best films of each year may give cinephiles the chance to see some of their favorite artists receive further honors for their exemplary work. However, it’s also quite annoying to see that the […]

10 Great Noir Films You May Have Never Seen

The film historian Sheri Chinen Biesen writes in her book “Blackout” that there are two separate strains of film noir—one arose during wartime, the other followed it: “These early noir films created a psychological atmosphere that in many ways marked a response to an increasingly realistic and understandable anxiety – about war, shortages, changing gender […]

10 Great Postmodern Sci-fi Movies To Blow Your Mind


Scifi has always been a vehicle for the exploration of philosophical, abstract problems actualized in imaginative technologies, theoretical futures, and alien worlds. Consider the Matrix films’ staging of problems surrounding artificial intelligence, Platonic/Descartian themes of consciousness and reality, in the digestible form of an action thriller, adapted to a reemerging interest in virtual reality technology […]