The 10 Most Underrated Neo-Noir Films of The 1980s

Neo-noir elements stayed relevant throughout the 1980s. It was everywhere from Brian De Palma’s mystery thrillers to Mamet’s “House of Games.” Even the decade took its start with Paul Schrader’s “American Gigolo,” John Cassavettes’ “Gloria” and Louis Malle’s “Atlantic City,” and they all had very rich noir traditions. As typical with the other two lists, […]

10 Great Movies That Bend Space And Time

Bending time and space has long been a subject that has fascinated audiences. There is something about the ability to travel through time that greatly appeals to us, after all who doesn’t like the idea of being able to relive amazing moments, find out the winning lottery numbers, redo past mistakes or to influence maybe […]

10 Famous Action Movies That Are Actually Arthouse Films

A common misconception is that action films cannot reach the same level of artistic merit of other genres, often because action films tend to lean towards popular entertainment. This is often a puzzling argument, as it takes little research to understand that a great action film requires an extraordinary amount of craftsmanship and creativity from […]

The 10 Best Movies Directed By Famous Screenwriters

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

A certain subset of critics and cinephiles defends the screenplay as the most essential aspect of filmmaking. It is, they argue, the foundation upon which the entire movie is constructed and, if it’s not solid, the whole thing will simply fall down. There’s certainly some merit to the appreciation of the writer’s job and how […]

10 Great Japanese Films You May Have Never Seen

Japan has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the industry had and still has a prominent impact on cinema around the world. The countries unique genres like the Yakuza/ Japanese mafia film, the Kaiju/ monster film, and most well-known; the samurai film, spark interested from […]