The 10 Best Western Movies of The 1960s

When assembling a chronological list of the ten best Westerns of the 1960s, one thing seems abundantly clear: the middle years of the decade are surprisingly barren. The first few years of the 1960s feel massively different stylistically to the outstanding Westerns of 1969; as if the assassination of President Kennedy had fractured America’s self-belief […]

All 9 Sam Mendes Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Born in Berkshire in 1965, Sam Mendes began his directing career in theatre, masterminding successful runs of ‘Oliver!’ and ‘Caberet’. Turning to filmmaking, he struck gold in 1999 with his debut film, ‘American Beauty’. The drama went on to win big at the box office and at the Academy Awards, securing Mendes a Director Oscar […]