20 Great Obscure Films of World Cinema (Part 2)


A second batch of lesser-known films from all around the world adds a little bit more variety. One of the entries is so obscure it doesn’t even have an official international/English title, while some others are unfairly marginalized. From Hungarian film-opera to Thai romantic western-melodrama, you’ll certainly find something to your liking.   1. Diamonds […]

10 Amazing French Films You Might Not Have Seen


The opulence of French cinema is a fact – after all, France is considered the birthplace of the medium. From the pioneering works of the Lumière brothers and Georges Méliès, through the avant-garde experiments, as well as the radical “antics” of La Nouvelle Vague, and all the way to the transgressiveness of New French Extremism, […]

20 Weird Movies from Around the World You Might Not Have Seen (Part 3)


Part III of the cinematic weirdness shifts focus in favor of the Japanese films which occupy one quarter of the list. However, there is still enough variety to accommodate different tastes, from avant-garde through animation and all the way to postmodernism.   1. Silence Has No Wings (Kazuo Kuroki, 1966) – Japan Weirdness of the […]

20 Weird Movies from Around the World You Might Not Have Seen (Part 2)

Ready for the additional dose of eclectic cinematic weirdness? If your answer is affirmative, then have a look at another twenty films, which fit this category and originate from many corners of the world. The criteria are the same as the last time, meaning you’ll find titles that belong not only to different countries, but […]

20 Weird Movies from Around the World You Might Not Have Seen


Whether it’s accidental or intentional, meaningful or just there for its own sake, weirdness is one of the reasons that make certain movies taste sweet, pleasantly sour, exotic, lasting or never-to-be-forgotten. Sergei Parajanov, David Lynch, Guy Maddin, Terry Gilliam, Andrzej Żuławski, Takashi Miike, Mamoru Oshii and Shinya Tsukamoto, amongst the others, could be certified as […]