25 New Hollywood Era Films That Projected the Hopes and Fears of the Times

By the 1960s, the golden age of Hollywood was dead and buried. The studio systems were failing, productions were not gaining as much clout as they had been in the war years. The image of the wholesome family entrenched in white picket fences and jaded happiness became stale and was reflected in the anti-establishment movements […]

25 Masterpieces of World Cinema Made During The New Hollywood Era

The late 1960s and the entire 1970s were an era in cinema where Hollywood seemed to reign supreme. Dominating the box offices with layered and artistic efforts that ultimately gave way to the blockbuster, forever changing cinema. However, while Hollywood found its second wind, the world kept turning. Amid the Cold War clashes between the […]

15 Great Westerns That Flipped The Genre On Its Head

offbeat westerns

The Romantic Western figure is a staple of American folklore and has extended its reach in poetry, music, literature, and most especially film. Tales of cold-hearted bandits and moral law enforcers, corrupt sheriffs and mistaken outlaws set against the backdrop of the undeveloped and expansive Old West that held promises of fortune and enterprise. In […]

The 20 Best Movies of The Year 2000

best 2000 films

As seen in many lists lately, cinema has had various great/important years. Releases from all over the world becoming, high- and low-budget classics shot black and white, color, and sometimes both at the same time, containing gritty stories, happy endings, stellar camera work and career-defining performances have followed cinema’s history since its inception as an […]

12 Non-Horror Films That Are Steps Away from Being Horror Films

Since the gangly Count Orlock crept up those stairs in F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu (1922), horror cinema has relied on stylistic efforts to cause terror in its audience. Contrasts between light and darkness, depiction of true evil, menacing pursuits through confined spaces and stories that convey the supernatural and abnormal have been staples of horror classics […]