10 Great Movies Favored By Paul Thomas Anderson

In just over twenty-five years and nine feature films, Paul Thomas Anderson has developed a body of work that’s unmatched in contemporary cinema. Where other filmmakers of the video store generation swayed towards genre (Quentin Tarantino), or some towards blockbuster actioners (Christopher Nolan), Anderson stayed true to the emotive impulses of classic cinéma vérité, all […]

The 10 Best Metamorphosis Movies

An American Werewolf in London

What better way to elicit dread than the subversion of the human anatomy? Since Franz Kafka’s acclaimed novella in 1915, The Metamorphosis has always been the grounds for interesting narrative material. As a concept, it works on various levels, from exercises in mind-boggling body horror to allegory for depression and grief. It speaks profoundly to […]

10 Underrated French Movies That Everybody Should See

The French have long held their place as the arbiters of many things, from the inimitable architecture of The Eiffel Tower and gothic design of The Notre-Dame, to the precious vineyards of Bordeaux and masterful paintings of The Louvre, but if there’s anything they’ve succeeded in since its inception, it’s the intangible artistry that flickers […]