10 Great Western Movies Recommended By Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese has been a singular presence and voice in cinema for more than half a century. Throughout his career, the filmmaker has put his personal stamp on about every major genre he’s tackled: from crime epics, thrillers, and sports biopics to period dramas, romance, and even musicals. Now, with his 26th feature, the greatest […]

10 Great Western Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

From the genesis of cinema to the present day, the western genre has remained a favourite with audiences worldwide. Its tales are metaphors for a dog-eat-dog world. Our rivalries, conflicts and inner thoughts are brought to life through a time period when people used bloodshed as currency. The westerns of Classical Hollywood sought to uphold […]

10 Great Western Movies Favored By Clint Eastwood

Sweeping open vistas, badass duels, hectic train heists and no shortage of sweaty close-ups. Beyond basic thrills, people tune in to westerns to revisit an era of freedom where lives had price tags and stoic cowboys were the living embodiment of Hollywood’s hypermasculinity, the ultimate self-made men. Violent yet chivalrous, these fearless lone wolfs sat […]

10 Great Western Movies Recommended By Quentin Tarantino

Love him or hate him, Quentin Tarantino is undeniably a walking, talking human encyclopedia of film. The video store clerk turned award-winning director exhibits this not only in his interviews and top-movie lists, but in his movies themselves. He steals from the best, and pays homage through the cinematography, music, scripts and actors he selects. […]