10 Great Underrated Crime Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

“I always feel that crime films are about capitalism because it is a genre where it is perfectly acceptable for all the characters to be motivated by the desire for money.” – Andrew Dominik Since the genesis of cinema, the crime genre has been jam-packed with seminal achievements. However, the assessments of unenlightened, harsh critics […]

10 Great Underrated Horror Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

Next to comedies, more than any other, the horror genre has been historically critically undervalued, perceived unfairly as comic and dispensable. In spite of the validity of its devoted following, harsher critics go so far as to nullify horror’s purpose, snobbishly mocking it. What they’ve failed to recognise is, beyond the arbitrary artifice, these stories […]

The 10 Most Underrated Crime Movies of the 1980s

Quentin Tarantino dubbed: “‘80s cinema, along with the ‘50s, the worst era in Hollywood history. In the ‘80s, it was self-censorship. It was the rise of political correctness after the ‘70s, where everything was just ‘go as far as you can. ’Then, all of a sudden, everything got watered down. Everything was cynical, then, in […]

10 Great Western Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen

From the genesis of cinema to the present day, the western genre has remained a favourite with audiences worldwide. Its tales are metaphors for a dog-eat-dog world. Our rivalries, conflicts and inner thoughts are brought to life through a time period when people used bloodshed as currency. The westerns of Classical Hollywood sought to uphold […]