7 Reasons Why “Eyes Wide Shut” is Stanley Kubrick’s Most Underrated Film

It’s 1996. Stanley Kubrick has been discussing a project with global superstar Tom Cruise for well over a year. This discussion also entails Kubrick demanding tapes of the work of actress Nicole Kidman who was, at the time, Cruise’s wife. This project has been gestating and forming shape in Kubrick’s head for some three decades. […]

8 Myths in Stanley Kubrick Films Need Your Interpretation

2001 space odyssey starchild

One of my major tasks of February film watching is finishing Stanley Kubrick: Visionary Filmmaker Collection Blu-ray. It has been the best-experienced film month I’ve ever had. Re-visiting those 7 Stanley Kubrick films is more than appreciating the master’s cinema. It is like BEING STANLEY KUBRICK, you know. Like the film Being John Malkovic, enter the brain […]