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Though it manifests itself in many ways depending on the person, Social Anxiety has perhaps become more prevalent now than in recent times, with the apparent near-epidemic levels of mental health issues such as depression and general anxiety disorders. Are these issues truly reaching a peak, or has the nature of modern society made it easier and more acceptable to… Read more »

31 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Horror cinema is currently undergoing a resurgence. Acclaimed films of the decade such as Jordan Peele’s critical-darling Get Out and Ben Wheatley’s genre-hybrid Kill List have shown audiences that horror can be given new life if experimented with. While much of the genre’s output remains rather dull and uninspired, since the turn of the century, audiences who have taken the… Read more »

30 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

What keeps certain films so popular over the decades while others of equal quality are relegated to the obscure pile? Often times some great work by highly successful directors gets overlooked for reasons impossible to explain. Films early in a career and even a debut film can put a director on the map, yet be generally forgotten by the casual… Read more »

30 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

No film is ever “harmless”. Each one plants a seed, an emotion, a dream, some “otherness” in the mind of the spectator. However, there are periods and places that resemble a powder keg; in those circumstances, a film can easily assume the role of the spark. Cinema is often considered the synthesis of all the other arts and it certainly… Read more »

30 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Sometimes, a scene can take you to a special place spiritually. You can feel a sense of ascension into another realm. You might feel like you are in a new reality; a parallel dimension, if you will. Sure, most good films transport its viewers to a new place, but these kinds of films make you, perhaps, discover a new place… Read more »

30 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

The Motion Picture Association of America makes the rules for American film, from US studios’ access to international markets to the ratings that get slapped on films before they reach audiences’ eyes. Throughout American film history, MPAA has stepped in to lay guidelines for film assessment, yet these rating standards seem to shift every fifteen or so years. After the… Read more »

29 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Adapting a book to the screen is always a tricky job. There can be great pieces of written prose that do not inspire interesting cinematic translations, purely because movies and books are very different mediums with very different tools at their disposal. Moreover, some screenwriters and moviemakers are not actually interested in adapting a work of written fiction as it… Read more »

29 July 2018 | Features, Other Lists

Hello, beginner cinephiles! So you’re diving into cinema deeper than usual. You’re checking out recent works with a new lens and a zoomed focus. You’re finding a new appreciation for the medium, and want to continue forwards. If this doesn’t apply to you, I will start again. Hello, veteran cinephiles! You’re at the point of your obsession with the medium… Read more »

29 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Films offer a fascinating way to welcome the shaking of a worldview; they have the potential to condense years or even lifetimes into just a few hours. Films can be subtly subversive, warmly reassuring, or ferociously anarchistic; but it takes a special film to influence a worldview effectively. To hit its mark, a film must show a willingness to respect… Read more »

29 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Making movies is hard. Making good ones is even harder. It’s a long, exhausting and often not very interesting process, and even the smallest mistake can make quite a difference. It becomes more challenging when you’re short on cash. However, talented artists have managed to do it many times. Passionate folks out there did all kinds of things that would… Read more »

28 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

It is no secret that media can influence the way you perceive things. This is especially true in the cases when you have not yet experienced something yourself. Take college life, for instance. If you are still in high school, you may not know what to expect from college. In case you already are in college, you probably have already… Read more »

28 July 2018 | Film Lists

One of the many virtues of cinema is sheer entertainment value. Not everything has to be deeply thought provoking or life changing. Although there is bound to be an overlap with some if not all of the movies on the list given the subjective nature of cinema. This list ranges from dark comedies to light-hearted crime capers with many other… Read more »

28 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

It’s commonly thought that only those films that are considered to be conventional and constantly praised by mass media are the only ones that are great films. However, there’s a large number of great films that have been overlooked or simply rejected by the audience. The rejection is the result of viewers not being prepared for the new, unique, eccentric,… Read more »

28 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

The Razzies are kind of an annoying institution. As a sort of anti-Oscars, they are meant to highlight the worst movies of the year. But much like how the Oscars usually don’t highlight the best movies of any given year, the Razzies almost generally never pick the worst movies of any given year. They pick easy options, the more “popular”… Read more »

27 July 2018 | Features, People Lists

Cult films regularly pride themselves with being eccentric, controversial, obscure, offbeat, and often unmarketably strange. Cult films also, unfortunately for fans waiting in the wings, often struggle to get noticed at all, let alone find an appreciative audience, or any kind of financial success. The short list that follows consists of films you may have missed that have been met… Read more »

27 July 2018 | Features, Film Lists

On set, a director is the person who not only takes creative control of the project but is also in charge of the cast and crew – what the director says, goes. Different directors have different methods of working and like in any line of work; some directors could be described as pretty difficult bosses to work for. This list… Read more »

27 July 2018 | Features, Other Lists