10 Great Dark Comedy Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Whether it be classified as black comedy, gallows humor, or morbid humor, dark comedy is a special film genre. It blends two worlds, dark and comedic, into a seemingly weird but perfect match. Dark comedy is a genre due for longevity thanks to the harmonious relationship between misery and humor. Death, human depravity, violence, social […]

The 10 Most Thought-Provoking Movies of The 21st Century

the hunt

There are movies that will stay with us for weeks, months, or even years after watching them. These are the movies that allow the viewer to think and look at a topic from totally different perspectives. These films make the viewers think and often discuss them for hours. The brilliant scripts and directorial intentions of […]

10 Great Italian Films You May Have Never Seen

When people speak of Italian cinema, usually the great directors such as Fellini, Rossellini, Pasolini, and Antonini; or great films such as “Bicycle Thieves,” “The Leopard,” “Life is Beautiful” or “Cinema Paradiso” come to mind. These films and directors have entered into the worldwide vernacular of cinema along with the greatest every other country has […]