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Masterpieces aren’t always appreciated in their own time, sometimes it can take years or even decades for them to gain the recognition they deserve, and sometimes they are met with praise but then go on to slowly reveal their genius over the next few decades by quietly influencing almost every subsequent film of the same type. Being ahead of your… Read more »

04 December 2018 | Features, Film Lists

All great films are personal. They stem directly from the filmmakers, meaning the writer or director. However, certain films come straight from the directors. They can’t make up a story through a fantasy or a period piece, the only option is to use the cinematic language and expression to tell their point of view. Of course, one can do this… Read more »

03 December 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Away from the bustling streets and shiny purlieus, you could come across the most charming silent corner in a dark, lonesome alley. Lying unsung under the heavy shadow of the old classics, your favorite book could be found on a dusty shelf of an old bookshop. Even, right next to Louvre Museum, in the hands of a street artist, your… Read more »

02 December 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Let’s make something painfully clear: I’ve never made a movie in my life. I have no idea how hard it is to make a movie but I suspect that if I ever find out, it will probably destroy me. A director has immense pressure upon him, especially when he’s in charge of an expensive production involving numerous talented people. It’s… Read more »

01 December 2018 | Features, People Lists

Suspense is a waltz. It’s a rapid movement amidst calamity. It’s also a slow crawl that sits in your gut. It’s the anxious trip from point A to point B, or it’s not knowing where to go at all. Almost every masterpiece has even a little bit of tension; I wouldn’t call Singin in the Rain a suspenseful film, but… Read more »

01 December 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Film has and always will be a subjective art form. Whilst some might consider one film to be a masterpiece, others may deem it a disaster. Even though we all have our own opinions, some people will more often than not look at reviews of a film before viewing, as they don’t want to waste their hard earned money on… Read more »

30 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

The thriller is an incredibly broad genre of film and has many sub-genres. For example, psychological, horror and crime. The suspense thriller is a sub-genre which is open to much debate. After all, thrillers within themselves can be described as films with elements of suspense. However, it can certainly be said that when it comes to thriller films, there are… Read more »

29 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

History is full of unsung heroes, and when a curious mind becomes aware of their existence, the effect can be electrifying. Realizing that many people who changed the course of the world are not the ones glorified by history books shines a new light on previously learned knowledge, and opens wide the window to future exploration. The same is true… Read more »

29 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

There are many reasons why a film critic might get cranky and dislike a good film, such as the frustration of having to sit through many awful ones or having to deal with computer issues when in the “writing zone.” There are also reasons why a film critic might be predisposed to dislike a good film even before they have… Read more »

28 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Cinema is its own language. It’s a fact that has been examined and dissected for over one hundred years at this point. Subjectivity is also a finicky concept to deal with. Bad films generally do not connect with the use of filmmaking as a linguistic medium (an art form that can communicate with its own form of structures). Many good… Read more »

27 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Since the dawn of cinema, filmmakers have strived to convincingly realize their stories on the big screen – which explains how far special effects technology has leaped forward over the past century. After all, virtually every big blockbuster and epic drama ever made wouldn’t be filled with half as much wonder or boast nearly as much scale without the ingenuity… Read more »

26 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Since the very invention of cinema through to the present day, there seems to be no end to the artful and awe-inspiring visuals they create and the wonders they contain, lighting up living rooms, bijous, drive-ins, and multiplexes the world over. Taste of Cinema’s tireless and exciting search for the most visually exquisite films “of all time” has been no… Read more »

25 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Cinema enthusiasts usually hold the critics’ taste in high regard. Sure, everyone prefers to watch a film by themselves and make their own mind up, but we all are in some way influenced by the opinion that critics have of a film. This is especially true in the social media era: titles of reviews or tweets by the experts we… Read more »

24 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

Ahh trailers, we all love them. They’re the reason we get to the movie session on time, because we don’t want to miss them. We can spend hours upon hours on the computer delving deep into the trailer vortex until we’ve seen every film that is coming out. Trailers ultimately set our expectations for a film, after viewing, we already decide… Read more »

23 November 2018 | Features, Other Lists

As if sculpting a formless body of thoughts into a palpable conformation of visions, a film director projects a textured intellectual surface on a motion picture’s transparent kinesiology. Standing across, at the viewer’s position, you drift in the film’s conceptional background, usually ignoring the constantly observing eyes and controlling hands of the recording medium. Camerawork, in its flexible and diverse… Read more »

23 November 2018 | Features, Film Lists

An acting performance is like the face of a film. It doesn’t create the film’s identity, but yet it’s often what we most closely associate a movie with. When this happens, an unusually skilled actress or actor deserves much of the credit. Though a successful performance can blossom only within the broader context of a quality story and under the… Read more »

22 November 2018 | Features, Other Lists