Undine – VIFF 2020 Review

VIFF favorite, German auteur Christian Petzold (Phoenix) is back with a modest-scaled new film that messes with mythology, fusing magical-reality elements with modern day fairy tale vestments while also adorned in a doomed romance thriller. It’s ultimately something of a mixed bag, but Undine is also never boring and on occasion is quite radiant and […]

10 Movie Classics From Scorsese’s World Cinema Project

The World Cinema Project is a special program of the Film Foundation which works to restore and preserve lost or overlooked works of cinema from across the globe. Founded by filmmaker Martin Scorsese at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, the World Cinema Project has restored over forty films to date, generally from parts of the […]

10 Great War Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

War films not only show us the hell of war, but they also often explore themes such as survival, sacrifice, friendship and alliance, the effects of war on society, the traumas it causes, PTSD, and many other moral, political, and social issues. Sometimes they’re full of excitement and more heavy on the technical side in […]

The 10 Best Argentine Crime Movies of The 21st Century

Crime films are not easily considered as a single genre, but on the contrary, they are characterized by being a collection of different genres. According to Thomas Leitch in his book “Crime Films Genres in American Cinema,” classifying a film as “one about crime” is correct and supports his theory through the appearance of three […]