The 10 Most Influential American Movies of The 1980s

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Though the 1970s are often heralded as the greatest decade in American film history, the 1980s established a more longstanding influence on the actual future of film. The ‘80s film landscape continued the trend of blockbusters introduced in the late ‘70s while setting up the breakthrough of independent film in the ‘90s. It also brought […]

The 10 Best Films From Cine Quinqui of Spain

Quinqui, pronounced “kinky,” coming from the word “delinquent,” is a Spanish film genre that explores working class life during the Transition period. For those who may not know, the Transition is from 1975, the fall of the fascist dictatorship to democracy in the late 1980’s. While politicians grappled for a dignified, moderate identity in the […]

10 Great Cult Movies Favored By Martin Scorsese

In 1998 Martin Scorsese compiled a list of his favourite guilty pleasures for Film Comment magazine. Included with them were a further hundred films, termed his “random pleasures”. These were grouped into fifty he considers “unguilty [but] something spoils them”, and fifty which on the whole are “not good” but still “worthwhile”. Widely regarded as […]

The 10 Most Surprisingly Good Movies of 2020

Every year, there is a slew of massive cinematic disappointments. While this continues to leave people frustrated, it is an unfortunate inevitability. As a cinephile, you will never make it through a year without a Batman v Superman or Terminator Genisys. Although it’s easy to make this the subject matter of your film-focused discussions, there […]

10 Great Psychological Thrillers You’ve Probably Never Seen

Many people have always had a certain fascination for and curiosity about violence and calamity. Psychological thrillers not only give us those delicious cinematic thrills where we find ourselves in an unusual and suspenseful atmosphere, but they also make us explore the mind and the psychology of broken minds, souls, and morally ambiguous people. We […]