10 Horror Movies Sequels That Are Better Than The Original

Horror movie sequels usually end up not reaching the same level as your original movie, or the audience doesn’t tend to expect anything when sequels are released. And it might even be a good thing, because some of them could surprise us. And this can happen, even in classic horror franchises where the original has […]

10 Great Recent Horror Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Following in the footsteps of recent Taste of Cinema lists focussing on underseen contemporary genre films, this list celebrates transgressive cinema and their brave (or foolish?) fans that enjoy films unafraid of being brutal, nasty, and nonconforming. Horror films, when done right, regularly deal with mankind’s own dark psychology, the visceral excitement of danger, the […]

10 Great Movies To Watch If You Like John Carpenter

John Carpenter, or the “Master of Horror” as he has been dubbed, is one of the most influential genre directors who’s ever lived. His influence on horror, sci-fi, thriller and action is huge, but Carpenter’s career and range goes beyond that; you could see his soft romantic side in “Starman” and how he extraordinarily handled […]