The 10 Best Movies Directed By Famous Screenwriters

Synecdoche, New York (2008)

A certain subset of critics and cinephiles defends the screenplay as the most essential aspect of filmmaking. It is, they argue, the foundation upon which the entire movie is constructed and, if it’s not solid, the whole thing will simply fall down. There’s certainly some merit to the appreciation of the writer’s job and how […]

10 Great Japanese Films You May Have Never Seen

Japan has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the industry had and still has a prominent impact on cinema around the world. The countries unique genres like the Yakuza/ Japanese mafia film, the Kaiju/ monster film, and most well-known; the samurai film, spark interested from […]

10 Dark Psychological Thrillers You’ve Probably Never Seen

Psychological thrillers are often wrongly mistaken for being little more than horror films nowadays, and while many borrow some of the horror genre’s more disturbing tropes, there is something that makes psychological thrillers a unique branch stemming from cinema’s darkest roots. Psychological thrillers are often unnerving profiles of some of the deepest and most controversial […]

10 Films Whose Cinematography Perfectly Matches Their Concept

stalker film

There is no shortage of art that goes into a film. So many aspects of film are their own artform entirely (e.g. music, photography, design). Among the most recognizable and apparent of these artforms is cinematography. Cinematography has the power to send an okay film to stardom. Cinematography also, on some rare occasions, has the […]

10 Great Sci-fi Movies You May Have Never Seen

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Since the early days of cinema science fiction has always done well with general audiences. Even one of the early pioneers of the art-form, George Méliès, is most well-known for his science fiction film ‘A Trip to the Moon.’ Since then science fiction has always been a ‘force’ to be reckoned with. One big-budget franchise […]

The 10 Best Movies About Paranoia

The concept of paranoia is typically associated with aspects such as fantasies of persecution, unjustified jealousy, inflated self-importance, and more. Of course, these are not positive things to feel or experience, and while these attributes are unpleasant, there are countless films about this psychological condition. The idea of paranoia does allow filmmakers to tackle concepts […]