15 Films Not To Miss At VIFF 2020

Now in its 39th year, the 2020 edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival (September 24th – October 7th, 2020) has had to restructure operations this year, as every film festival has due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but remains a bright, eclectic and engaging celebration of cinema from around the world. Among the five largest […]

10 Movie Masterpieces That Need To Be Rediscovered

The word masterpiece is thrown around mercilessly these days and a lot of pictures that don’t really amount to the actual standards of quality get labeled masterpieces by generous critics and unknowledgable audiences. Truth to be told, the definition of the word is not completely defined, nor is it universally agreed upon by film buffs […]

10 Great Vampire Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

It’s fitting that vampires have had such a long cinematic life, and this is largely due to the various rich themes and gothic story elements that have sustained these creatures of the night, embedding them in our imaginations and our nightmares. The inherent corruption of the upper class, warring against Christianity, xenophobia, and the cold […]

The 10 Best Wilderness Thriller Movies


The great outdoors makes for a formidable antagonist: unthinking, relentless and only more intimidating as people live more of their lives through screens. It also allows for inherently cinematic stories that can be told wordlessly for long stretches of time, relying on the actors to register everything in their faces. The stakes stay high, and […]