10 Great Movie Classics On Amazon Prime You May Have Missed

Other than the fantastic Criterion Channel, which is unfortunately unavailable outside the USA and Canada, and UK’s streaming service BFI Player, Amazon Prime is the best place for lovers of older, classic movies. From 1920s silent films to forgotten gems of the 1990s, Amazon Prime’s vast catalogue has a surprising amount of classic films, yet […]

All 17 Ray Harryhausen Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

Cinema has evolved in every department since its origins. Special and visual effects are no exception. Today’s CGI laden blockbusters and streaming series owe their success to the creative work of one man: Ray Harryhausen. His stop motion animation techniques paved the way for modern day stop motion works and computer generated effects. He sparked […]

10 Movie Classics That Are Master Classes of Naturalistic Cinema

It seems quite easy to recall a couple of cinematic movements which postulated the empowerment of naturalism by dealing with everyday-life themes, placing ordinary people in the center of the narrative plot and minimizing the use of music and stylistic features so to resemble as much as possible the “real life”. We can distinguish as […]