All 18 Episodes of “Love, Death & Robots” Ranked From Worst To Best

The anthology genre is one of the most interesting in the mediums of both cinema and television, presenting audiences with imaginative collections of bite-sized stories bound by a single idea. From the notion of technology as a means to an end in Black Mirror, to the colorful and campy world of horror in American Horror […]

10 Great Movies To Watch If You Like Wes Anderson

What does nostalgia look like to you? Cambridge Dictionary defines nostalgia as a feeling of pleasure when musing over one’s past. A feeling complemented by just a slight tinge of sadness. It’s something universally melancholic, a peculiar sensation with the ability to surface in the most unexpectedly unremarkable of situations. From smoking a cigarette on […]

10 Great Horror Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

The genre of horror remains one of the most interesting schools of cinema. The very idea of what audiences conventionally deem “scary” has seen countless transformations since the birth of the genre. From the intense stylization of Italian Giallo, to the grotesque senselessness of torture porn, filmmakers constantly strive for newer and more innovative methods […]