The 15 Best Movies About Neuropsychology


Concerning human behaviour, the experimental field that studies the structures and functions of the brain, related to the particular psychological processes, is constantly developing amid the scientific societies. Although neuropsychology expands into different branches in the study of the brain, most of its researchers have a tendency to contribute to the area of the diagnosis […]

The 10 Best Documentaries About Psychology Subjects

best documentaries about psychology

Throughout the history of cinema, documentary films have been a potential record of real and untouched life, and thus filmmakers, perceiving the possibilities these films provided, put them into a major cinematic category. Documentaries have their specific language and audience; however, they have become an educational and enlightening instrument, broadening its reception in modern society. […]

The 15 Best Movies About Psychotherapy

Good Will Hunting (1997)

What is the role of psychology in contemporary society? How is the psychologist perceived by the modern mindset? Is the therapy process recognized as a potential tool for internal reinterpretation? These questions help to explore the nature of psychology and to establish how it can be depicted in modern culture. The “cultural products” of the […]