10 Horror Movies That Provoked Physical Illness

It’s no secret that some movies have had controversy surrounding them since the day they were released, and the main culprits are horror movies. For decades, creators of horror have tried to out-do each other on gore, jump-scares and generally getting in to viewer’s heads, and many have been accused of more. From vomiting and […]

10 Great Vampire Movies That Are Seriously Underrated

Near Dark

Vampires. Specifically vampire movies. Whatever you think of this particular subgenre, there is certainly no shortage. Ever since Nosferatu (1922), there have been to date almost 200 screen incarnations of Bram Stoker’s Dracula alone, never mind all the other blood-suckers that have graced the silver screen. No matter how many times our heroes (and by […]

10 Best Picture Worthy Movies That Didn’t Get a Single Oscar Nomination

Ordinary People over Raging Bull. How Green Was My Valley over Citizen Kane. Spotlight over Mad Max: Fury Road (seriously, but that’s for another list). It’s not news that the Oscars often make decisions that some consider to be… a little wide of the mark. Again and again, films held to be classics have been […]