The 10 Best Halloween Movies For Families

Nothing quite gets families in the spirit of Halloween like coming together to celebrate. Whether that means planning a party, making your own haunted house, or just decorating and watching the best movies of the season, you’ll need a something that satisfies both children and adults in the process. Essentially, you’ll need something visually impressive […]

10 Famous Horror Movies That Happened In Real Life

The genre of horror makes its profits from the exploitation of real human fears and unimaginably disturbing events. Using established and innovative techniques with cinematography and soundtrack to amplify patterns of human fear, films of this genre make their success by knowing what will really make their audience cringe. Thematic subgenres of natural/eco-horror, serial killer […]

10 Great Movies That Have The Quality of a Novel

In Bruges (2008)

Does art imitate life, or does life imitate art? And where does that divide start to blend? Great works of art—whether literature, film, visual arts, or otherwise—make that boundary disappear, and they demonstrate how many artists view life as if through a prism that reflects and diffracts its own reality. Some great works of art […]

10 Children’s Films That Would Even Disturb Adults

The Watcher in the Woods

The Motion Picture Association of America makes the rules for American film, from US studios’ access to international markets to the ratings that get slapped on films before they reach audiences’ eyes. Throughout American film history, MPAA has stepped in to lay guidelines for film assessment, yet these rating standards seem to shift every fifteen […]