6 Reasons Why “Chinatown” Is The Best Neo-Noir Movie Ever

If the crucial encounter between Jack Nicholson, the star of “Chinatown”; Robert Towne, the screenwriter of the film; Robert Evans, the influential Paramount producer; and last but not least Roman Polanski was featured in Paolo Coelho’s book, it would be dismissed with terminal condescendence by all critics. It would no doubt be considered either some blatantly manipulative […]

10 Great Movie Classics You’ve Probably Never Seen

The following films are of amazing narrative and aesthetic quality. Most of them have been Oscar-nominated, or at the very least, swept the National Awards of the respective countries of their production. For one reason or another, they have been unjustly semi-forgotten or relegated to a kind of second-tier of cinematic achievement by many critics and […]

10 Great 2019 Arthouse Films You May Have Missed

The common denominator of the most recent amazing art-house films selected is the amazing vision, technical virtuosity (especially in Gan Bi ‘s stunning masterpiece “Long day’s journey into night” and a reassured authorial voice. Also, most of the chosen films did extremely well in Cannes’s Film Festival most recent edition.   1. Ash Is The Purest White […]