10 Great Movies That Were Affected by Poor Marketing

Mainstream comedy is in a good place right now, provided that you work in the marketing department. The trailer construction process is probably something like this: slow motion party sequence, tedious improv, and shouting, all set to a forgettable electro pop soundtrack. Job done. But what happens when you’re handed a project like “Being John […]

The 20 Best Movies Made For a Million or Less

A film’s brilliance should never be reliant on its budget. Of course, certain ideas aren’t possible to execute without the proper funding, but a great idea will always shine through the humble production lighting. In fact, on many occasions a lack of budget can work to a film’s advantage; found footage horror films benefit from […]

The 10 Best Motion Capture Performances Ever


Despite some critics’ dismissal of the craft, claiming it doesn’t constitute “real acting”, motion capture performances have become an increasingly common feature in modern big budget blockbusters. The craft has also been tipped to explode in future years, creating a booming market for mo-cap work. With soaring budgets and audience expectations for more and more […]

The 10 Best Movie Performances from a Bad Actor


The film industry is one of the hardest arenas to break into, let alone be respected in. These actors have gained notoriety for being some of Hollywood’s least praised. Are they bad actors? Or have they just made poor career moves (agents, collaborators, multi film deals etc.), received lacklustre direction, or settled into lazy type-casting […]