10 Beautiful Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

There is something complicated about the concept of beauty. In addition to not being able to define or direct it exactly, due to its subjective character, it seems difficult to identify something as purely beautiful, since throughout our lives we have become accustomed to cataloging everything that pleases us aesthetically as beautiful. However, as we […]

10 Great Movies That Have No Hope For Humanity

Pessimism, nihilism, misanthropy, and many other terms have already been used to define humanity’s hopelessness about itself and its future. The 20th century in particular was a very specific moment of humanity in which two major world wars, innumerable revolutions and other armed conflicts, as well as economic, social and artistic crises contributed to a […]

10 Great Movies To Watch If You Like Yorgos Lanthimos

Yorgos Lanthimos is undoubtedly one of the most influential filmmakers to emerge from the last decade. The Greek made his directorial debut with the experimental feature film “Kinetta,” but it was with “Dogtooth” (2009) that he became successful and recognized worldwide; the film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film of 2010 […]

10 Great Movies To Watch If You Like Dario Argento

The Neon Demon

“Suspiria” is undoubtedly one of the great cult horror classics, responsible for giving even more popularity to the genre and influencing a large number of filmmakers. Its director, Dario Argento, is considered along with Mario Bava, Sergio Martino, and Lucio Fulci as one of the forerunners of giallo, the name used to designate this style […]