10 Great Sci-fi Movies You May Have Never Seen

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Since the early days of cinema science fiction has always done well with general audiences. Even one of the early pioneers of the art-form, George Méliès, is most well-known for his science fiction film ‘A Trip to the Moon.’ Since then science fiction has always been a ‘force’ to be reckoned with. One big-budget franchise […]

10 Great Monster Movies You May Have Never Seen

Monsters have haunted the nightmares of mankind for centuries, first through myths and folklore and later through literature and eventually film. In the early years of film, it already was a popular genre to explore. German expressionist films like The Golem and Nosferatu are some of the earliest examples of feature length monster movies. These […]

10 Great Yakuza Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

In Japan the term Yakuza is used to describe the members of organized crime syndicates, as well as the syndicates themselves. Formally they’re known as bōryokudan, meaning violent groups. They are the equivalent to the English term mafia. The origin of the Yakuza is uncertain, possibly dating back to gangs of rōnin turned bandits, or […]