The 10 Best Tom Hardy Movie Performances

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Edward Thomas “Tom” Hardy (born 15 September, 1977) is the only child of Cambridge-educated writer Edward “Chips” Hardy and artist mother Anne, and grew up in East Sheen, London. His formative years were anything but boring. He was expelled from Reeds public school (for stealing), arrested for joyriding in a stolen Mercedes while in possession […]

The 15 Best Directorial Debuts of The 21st Century


The new millennium has graced us with some phenomenal films from many talented directors. Many of those directors, whether previously in front of the camera or limited to screenplay writing, took the reigns behind the camera for the first time. Below is a discussion of fifteen of the best such directorial debuts. Of course, the […]

The 14 Most Controversial Biopics of All Time

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Biopics, or biographical pictures, are a sub-genre of dramas, and have existed since at least the turn of the twentieth century with Georges Melies’ feature-length epic Jeanne D’Arc (1899), continuing with a spate of films during the Great Depression, with Paul Muni starring in several, including Muni featured as an Al Capone-like gangster in Scarface: […]