The 10 Best Yakuza Movies from Studio Toei

best yakuza movies

During the 1960s the public interest in period spectacles (Jidai-geki), the famous film studio Toei produced at that time, slowly began to wane. The times had changed and Japan was in state of constant political turmoil. Extremist leftist groups emerged and students rose up to protest against the continuing American influence on their country, resulting […]

The 10 Greatest Overlooked Directors Of Japanese Cinema

Shinobi no mono

Since Akira Kurosawa’s groundbreaking movie, Rashomon (1950), introduced Japanese cinema to the Western world, the Western film critics’ processes of discovery and evaluation of the Japan’s greatest directorial talents have constantly been both ideologically cloaked and selective. First, humanist critics like Donald Richie hailed filmmakers who demonstrated a unique style and whose work supported a […]