The 10 Best Australian Films of The 21st Century

best Australian movies

Following on from the male ensemble landscape films came to represent Australian cinema during the 1970s and 80s and the subsequent reaction to them in the 1990s, Australian cinema has gradually branched out during the last fifteen years. A far more diverse cinema that has adopted genre film, albeit often in a social realist format, […]

The 10 Best Films of The Australian New Wave

Picnic At Hanging Rock

The renaissance of the Australian film in the early 1970s, now labelled the Australian New Wave, gave birth to an industry hell-bent on displaying hallmark qualities of ‘Australianness’. Originally kick-started through a spate of sex-infused ‘ocker’ comedies, Australian cinema would gradually ascend, or descend, into an industry defined by nationalistic landscape films that looked to […]

10 Great 2010s Horror Movies You May Have Missed

Resolution (2012)

Horror cinema lends itself to independent filmmaking. Quick shoots, lesser-known actors, practical effects and an emphasis on directorial ingenuity all allow for smaller budgets. This is how the horror genre has come to represent a type of film with tremendous financial potential. A quick look back through recent horror history sees Paranormal Activity (2007) and […]