The 10 Best Non-American Horror Movies of All Time

Hounds of Love

American studio horror has been on the upswing as of late with critical and commercial bulldozers such as It and A Quiet Place ranking among the highest box office earners of their year, beating many $100m+ budgeted blockbusters. Jordan Peele’s socially conscious Get Out continued to improve the perception for horror, a genre which has […]

The 10 Most Troubled Movie Productions of All Time

It appears that extensive reshoots have become par for the course for major studio films and rarely the true sign of a doomed project, yet with each new trade report announcing the commencement of additional filming, it has continued to spark worry of potential disaster for the film in question. Those anticipating Rogue One to […]

10 Criminally Underseen Cult Films That Are Worth Your Time

You have your ‘cult’ movie followings where enraptured viewers ‘abide by the dude’ or join each other in a form of congregation to throw spoons at the cinema screen for Tommy Wiseau’s The Room. The cult where an initially dismissed (whether critically or commercially – or more likely both) film finds a new lease of […]