The 10 Greatest Film Scores No One Talks About

Swiss Army Man movie

A swelling of strings, a triumphant booming of horns, a delicate cascade of woodwinds, and a great percussive thunder, all bookended with soaring choirs and vocals. These are the old guard of film music, still as essential and iconic as ever. Even under barrages of parodies and imitators, this tried and true method of composing the accompanying music […]

7 Great Cult Movies That Even The Internet Has Overlooked

Cult films. Two words that inspire a world of weirdness and unique visions. Sometimes, the results are accidental, like The Room or Birdemic. Others garner followings on their bizarreness and originality alone, like Eraserhead and Freaks. The rise of the internet and the unbounded connectivity has brought legions of fans together and opened up innumerable […]

5 Reasons Why The Qatsi Trilogy Should Be Sent Into Space

We humans have a peculiar obsession with sending things into space. Be it photos, food, video games, books, novelty items, peoples’ ashes, iPods, we’ll eventually send one of everything into space.  The only movie known to have been sent into space is The Day the Earth Stood Still, a decision that makes sense when you think that […]

12 Cult Romance Films That Are Worth Your Time

cult romance movies

Romance films, like any genre, have their own following. While they might not host conventions like the horror and sci-fi crowds, but they are a dedicated lot that go beyond the stereotypical Jennifer Aniston admirer. Love, being the wide-reaching and motley emotion that it is, can’t always be relegated to the same fluffy story involving two or more […]