10 Great Western Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Westerns have been around since the beginning and earned their place at the heart of the movie culture and American iconography for decades. And through all this time, many people started to love watching those cowboys on horses with revolvers, tough guys, good vs. evil as well as those beautiful landscapes. During the Golden Age […]

10 Great Courtroom Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

“Objection, your honor!” Those who love courtroom dramas never get enough of certain clichés and it’s not just the lines we expect to hear in the courtroom area, but also things like mysteries getting revealed during the interrogation (“You can’t handle the truth!”), lawyers delivering emotional speeches, witnessing how justice won, or getting horrified to […]

10 Great Al Pacino Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

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Fresh from two Best Picture nominated films, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” and “The Irishman” (which earned him a nomination as well); an acclaimed TV film “Paterno”; and the entertaining TV series “Hunters,” Al Pacino remains a strong force in all mediums – cinema, television, and stage after all those years. Sure, there have […]