10 Great 1980s Thriller Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

The 1980s was a decade full of underrated thrillers. Even the famous filmmakers had films that didn’t get the traction they deserve; Polanski’s “Fracture” or Roeg’s “Bad Timing” could make good examples. De Palma’s thrillers are well aknown in cinephile circles, but even they deserve much more recognition, especially “Blow Out” (1981). While the decade […]

10 Great 1980s Crime Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

The 1980s was another decade full of great crime films. Sergio Leone’s epic “Once Upon a Time in America” came out in this decade. Michael Mann made his first theatrical crime drama release with the amazing “Thief.” Brian De Palma shifted from thriller/mystery films to actual crime dramas and made two of the most iconic […]

10 Great Sci-fi Horror Films You’ve Probably Never Seen

Sci-fi and horror share some of the same genre roots and there have been several excellent mixes of those two genres in the past. Obviously, David Cronenberg is a particular expert here; from “The Fly” to “eXistenZ,” he kept on giving thought-provoking and at the same time, scary films to cinema. Then there were, of […]

10 Great Movies To Watch If You Like John Carpenter

John Carpenter, or the “Master of Horror” as he has been dubbed, is one of the most influential genre directors who’s ever lived. His influence on horror, sci-fi, thriller and action is huge, but Carpenter’s career and range goes beyond that; you could see his soft romantic side in “Starman” and how he extraordinarily handled […]

15 Underrated 1990s Crime Movies You May Have Never Seen

Crime movies have been popular as long as movies have been around, and the 1990s was a great decade for crime dramas; ranging from Martin Scorsese-Nicholas Pileggi collaborations (“Goodfellas,” “Casino”) to amazing stuff offered by BrianDe Palma (“Carlito’s Way”), Michael Mann (“Heat”), Abel Ferrara (“King of New York”) and many more. However, there were also […]