8 Movies Aspiring Screenwriters Should Watch When Studying Character Development

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Creating something as complex as a conscious being is the most vital task in writing a script. Characters are the human representation in an art that comments on humanity. Every last character has a desire, and that desire drives every aspect of the story. Through their desire, a character changes from the start to the […]

10 Movies Aspiring Screenwriters Should Watch When Studying Dialogue

The talkies. Film remains a visual medium, but dialogue is where screenwriters flash their artistic magic on the screen. There are countless rules (more like guidelines) to writing dialogue. It’s valuable to learn them, because great dialogue breaks a few rules, but breaks them properly. The following films have outstanding dialogue, and each one offers […]

7 Well Written Movie Scenes That Don’t Use Any Dialogue

Dialogue should do at least one of two things, advance plot and establish characters. A screenwriter uses more than conversations between characters to do that. Dialogue gets more recognition than any other element of a script because it is the writing that translates to the screen, but a script is more than the characters’ words. […]

10 Reason Why “The Big Lebowski” is The Coen Brothers’ Best Movie

The Coen Brothers are master storytellers that possess a cinematic and narrative genius that is unparalleled in contemporary American Cinema. Their films are mazes, riddled with irony and brimming with paradoxical narrative elements. They dip their audience into a postmodern labyrinth teaming with abstract meaning. As a result, viewers get caught into a near maddening […]