The 15 Most Influential Movies On Special Effects

The Abyss

Since the dawn of cinema, filmmakers have strived to convincingly realize their stories on the big screen – which explains how far special effects technology has leaped forward over the past century. After all, virtually every big blockbuster and epic drama ever made wouldn’t be filled with half as much wonder or boast nearly as […]

10 Overlooked Masterpieces Of American Crime Cinema

There’s an old saying that crime doesn’t pay – but one thing’s for sure: it certainly does make for excellent movies. It’s almost troubling just how many acclaimed films revolve around illegal activity, including underworld-based classics like The Godfather, Bonnie and Clyde, Goodfellas and Pulp Fiction. It has to be said that American filmmakers and […]

10 Famous Movies Where The Hero Becomes A Villain

The Dark Knight (2008)

Few things are more compelling than when a big screen hero strays from the virtuous path and embraces their inner bad guy (or girl). It’s such a pathos-laden character arc, whether we’re witnessing the final damnation of a once noble soul, or merely an instance of temporary moral realignment prior to a hard-earned moment of […]

20 Famous Movies Accused Of Copyright Infringement

Ask almost any established screenwriter, and they’ll tell you that ideas are essentially worthless – and that’s true…up to a point. After all, you can come up with the most groundbreaking premise for a movie ever conceived of, but if you can’t transform this concept into an equally impressive screenplay, then your idea isn’t worth […]