The 10 Best Movies Influenced by The Works of M. R. James

Drag Me To Hell

Montague Rhodes James was a medievalist scholar and a provost of King’s College, Cambridge. He was also one of the most influential writers of horror fiction to have lived. During his lifetime, his work received praise from such other luminaries of the horror genre as H. P. Lovecraft – who called James a ‘literary weird fictionist […]

The 16 Best Indie Comedies of The Last Decade

great indie comedies

The last decade has been great for indie comedies. Advances in technology and the rise of online streaming platforms means that films made by small companies with low budgets and relatively unknown casts and crews can reach a greater audience than ever before. These films tend to be more character and dialogue driven than Hollywood […]

The 12 Weirdest Movies About Alien Visitations

Under The Skin (2014)

When people speak of aliens visiting the earth in movies, they often refer to E. T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Independence Day or – if they’re more into the cult side of things – films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or The Thing. In all of these films, the agendas of the extraterrestrial visitors are fairly clear-cut: either they […]