The 12 Greatest Final Movie Performances in Hollywood History

Network (1976)

They say in the movies you’re only as good as your last performance. While this claim might be a touch unreasonable – disregarding or selling short some excellent breakthrough or mid-career performances – a truly memorable final performance has the undeniable benefit of leaving a lasting impression. Some iconic actors rose to stellar heights in […]

10 Great Movies About The Afterlife


Darkness and light; profound tests of courage and honour; the eternal bonds of love; commitment to a Holy cause: all are themes that exist in these extraordinary films about the afterlife. Whether comedy or drama, thriller or romance, filmmakers from around the world delve into religious, philosophical and deeply intimate and personal interpretations of the […]

10 Great Movies About Disability

Leonardo DiCaprio in What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Disability on film is fraught with danger for filmmakers. From the portrayal of the victimized, invalided “cripple” or a romanticised and heroic cliché of triumph above adversity, both pictures painted can often be exploitative and alienating; especially to the people with disabilities whose lives filmmakers are attempting to convey, hopefully with a degree of sincerity. […]