The 10 Best Movies About Paranoia

The concept of paranoia is typically associated with aspects such as fantasies of persecution, unjustified jealousy, inflated self-importance, and more. Of course, these are not positive things to feel or experience, and while these attributes are unpleasant, there are countless films about this psychological condition. The idea of paranoia does allow filmmakers to tackle concepts […]

10 Great Recent Asian Horror Films You May Have Missed

Drifting away from the movies of Hollywood, and exploring the film market of Asia, one finds numerous cinematic treasures. In particular, the quality of Asian horror is something to be discovered and admired by any lover all things ghoulish, morbid, and gruesome. With 48 countries existing on the continent and a diverse range of cultures […]

10 Great Cult Horror Films You May Have Never Seen

The journey of the horror genre has developed greatly over time. Displaying fear for entertainment purposes may appear to be perverse at first, but it is an all-too-real emotion people experience. Therefore, makers of cinema are free to explore the darkness behind humanity and seek out the strange noises that go bump in the night. […]

10 Great Dark Comedy Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Whether it be classified as black comedy, gallows humor, or morbid humor, dark comedy is a special film genre. It blends two worlds, dark and comedic, into a seemingly weird but perfect match. Dark comedy is a genre due for longevity thanks to the harmonious relationship between misery and humor. Death, human depravity, violence, social […]