15 Essential Films For An Introduction To New German Cinema

The sixties are rightfully remembered as a period of global instability. The youth took to the streets from Selma to Paris and it seemed the status quo was crumbling around them. In West Germany a vibrant and radical student movement took up many of the same causes as their international comrades, protesting against the Vietnam […]

20 Underappreciated Sci-fi Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Repo Man

You’ve probably seen countless lists on countless websites dealing with this same topic using slightly different wording and you’ve probably noticed the same titles coming up over and over again. Indeed some ‘underrated’ or ‘forgotten’ sci-fi films are so often described as such that they’ve become the opposite. Coherence or George Lucas’ THX 1138 have […]

15 Great Japanese Crime Films That Are Worth Your Time

During the seven year occupation following the Second World War the American military imposed an authoritarian regime of censorship on Japan’s film industry, wanting it to effectively clone Hollywood’s contemporary oeuvre. The big money stateside lay in film noir and studios such as Nikkatsu and Toei, smelling profits to be made, quickly latched onto the […]