25 Great Man vs. Nature Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Fitzcarraldo (1982)

Man needs to challenge himself/herself constantly or else man will die. Whether it’s personal or professional, we are always looking for challenges; always on the look-out for obstacles we can overcome in order to prove to ourselves and to the rest of the world that we are relevant. There is no bigger challenge than surviving […]

30 Great Movies Set in World Capital Cities

great movies set in capitals

Capital cities have always been the spoiled darlings of the tourist’s world. It’s hard to imagine any tourist offer without Paris, Rome, Cairo, Buenos Aires, Tokyo or Beijing. Often, the capital city is also the most beautiful and attractive city in that country. Of course, there a couple of exceptions (quite big exceptions) that prove […]

10 Great Non-Religious Movies Inspired by Biblical Stories

It is said that in the Christian World the best book one can read is the Bible because it contains stories that are life-forming, with teachings that can serve for the rest of one’s life. Those advocating this concept argue that the book contains drama, humor, fantasy, horror and basically every genre and sub-genre one […]