20 Great Poetic Films That Are Worth Your Time


Poetic cinema is an ever elusive term that branches out into vast territory. Some associate it with the “arthouse”, others with the “avant garde”; two types of film making that in themselves escape lucid distinction. Poetry itself is an overarching monstrosity of concepts and aesthetics, so what part of poetry does “Poetic” cinema refer to? […]

10 Great Minimalist Films That Are Worth Your Time

Under The Skin (2014)

The connoisseurs of La-La-land have always been dreaming up spellbinding ways of hiking up the money tree and impressing millions. Sometimes it was through the glamorous sensuality of Dietrich and Munroe and, at others, it was the nerve-touching fair-ground attraction of computer generated worlds. Many times it was a knack for who-dunnits or who-killed-who-for-what? Alongside […]