10 Great Films That Are Perfect Combinations Of Art And Entertainment

Films are often categorized in the two distant poles: those of the commercial films that are focused on entertainment and generating profit, and those of the art house films that are focused on expressing a personal vision that’s far away from any commercial purpose. But there is wide spectrum between these two poles, a spectrum […]

The 10 Best Movie Directors Working Today

Contemporary cinema is the home of many styles and approaches toward reality and cinema. Many filmmakers take an extremely critical approach toward cinema and society, while others focus on a simple portrait of humanity and communication. In the contemporary scene, there are filmmakers whose careers have just started and who probably are going to deliver […]

10 Great Movies Where Sound Plays A Very Important Role

There are some people who argue that sound is 50 percent of the expressive possibility of the film. Though it’s futile to argue the precision of this sentence, there a truth that cannot be denied: when used right, sound and extremely powerful expressive element. The way in which a film builds an atmosphere sometimes is […]