20 Movies That Prove 2014 Is The Best Film Year of The 2010s (So Far)

2014 has been a fantastic year for cinema, ranging from the routine spectacles of summer blockbusters, to the independently produced character pieces. Throw in new masterpieces from greats such as David Fincher, Wes Anderson, and Paul Thomas Anderson, and you have a year rich with cinema that is bound to butt heads come award season. […]

Filmmaker Retrospective: The Dark Cinema of David Fincher


As the great Carl Jung once wrote, “Man is an enigma to himself.” The same can be said of the characters within David Fincher’s filmography, and their relationships to themselves and one another. Shrouded by mist and shadow, he tells stories of secrets within secrets, retaining a cinematic fetish for lies and perversion. He is […]

Filmmaker Retrospective: The Cinema of Darren Aronofsky


Committing oneself to an ideal is a respectable goal. However, the protagonists of Darren Aronofsky’s films would benefit from keeping everything in moderation. As an emerging auteur, Aronofsky is still fairly young, but over the past two decades, he has proven himself as a director with consistent vision and mettle. His stories are warning tales […]

Filmmaker Retrospective: The Illustrative Cinema of David Lynch


From the organic mulch mosaics to the dissonant hum of faulty strobe lights, the films of David Lynch are a collective surreal tapestry of growth and decay, both in nature and in technology. This language is not without purpose, as Lynch’s origins lie in painting. His first short film, Six Men Getting Sick, was an […]

The 10 Best Directorial Debuts of the Past 5 Years


You never forget your first. Directing a feature film is no easy task, especially under the anxiety that your first film can potentially jumpstart or effectively kill your career. The amount of talent and leadership it takes to finish a feature film is impressive no matter how the finished product turns out. It is, therefore, […]