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The 30 Best Horror Films Of The 21st Century

07 September 2014 | Features, Film Lists | by Ethan Levinskas

best horror films 21st century

The horror genre gets a bad rap. Regrettably, that’s because many films within the genre believe they can skimp on one aspect of storytelling, such as characters or dialogue, and replace it with cheap pop ups. That would be like replacing witty banter with fart jokes in a comedy – it’s cheap.

Scares are the horror genre’s punch lines, and as such, they aren’t easy to pull off. But scares aren’t the only thing that makes up a good horror film. Like any good work of art, an excellent horror film needs depth and character.

Since 2000, we have seen the horror genre change shape and scope in a multitude of ways, whether it’s the explosion of torture porn to the more somber, character driven foreign films. This list seeks to honor some of the best horror films of the new century.


30. The Mist (2007) – Frank Darabont


The Mist takes some liberties with its source material, a Stephen King novel of the same name, but even King himself has admitted that these changes have transformed the film into a horror classic.

The film explores what lengths the average person would be driven to in extraordinary circumstances. In this case, the extraordinary circumstance is a foreboding mist that contains terrifying creatures inside. What this danger eventually leads our heroes to is one of the darkest endings in American horror.


29. Splinter (2008) – Toby Wilkins


Shot on a relatively tight budget, Splinter manages to be one of those rare B-movies that outdoes itself, especially in regards to production value. It features a common horror concept: people get stuck in a building as a monster tries to kill them all.

Without giving away too much, the monster in the film manages to be unique without feeling forced or contrived. The writing is slick, starring three main characters that go outside of horror cliché. All of this wrapped up in Wilkins taut, fast-paced, balls-to-the-walls directorial style makes for one of the most enjoyable horror movies to come out in recent years.


28. Eden Lake (2008) – James Watkins

Eden Lake

Eden Lake tells the tragic tale of a proposal vacation gone wrong. Sneaking onto a beach about development, the couple, played expertly by Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly, are berated and then attacked by a gang of unruly teenagers. This leads to a series of escalating events that eerily feel all too plausible.

The film is a warning bleat against the dangerous attitudes of the hive mind. Watkins directorial debut doesn’t shy away from bleakness, making it a terrifying powerhouse to be reckoned with.


27. Inside (2007) – Julien Maury/Alexandre Bustillo


This French horror film has a horrifyingly simple premise: a stranger invades a pregnant woman’s house with the intent of stealing her baby – from within her. As a word of caution to all who are curious, do not prepare a meal before watching Inside. Inside is a prime example of the new wave of extreme French horror, wasting no time in being completely and totally disgusting. It features some of the most disturbing images you’ll ever see, most starring a pair of knitting scissors.

However, there is lost potential with the idea. At times, the shock and awe of the film’s brutality seems to be all it has going for it. The structure is rigid, with any of the heroine’s potential saviors being cut down by the villainess almost as soon as they appear.

The characters fall flat, but as with most horror films, this isn’t a kiss of death. And the film could have done without the CGI shots of the fetus in the womb. Still, Inside manages to push boundaries in ways few others can measure up to, and it is for this reason that it is commendable.


26. Infection (2004) – Masayuki Ochiai

Infection (2004)

Infection is an amalgam of the J-horror genre. At times, it wants to disgust you with gore. Other times, it wants to impress you with plot twists. The film manages to be a delightful melting pot (if you’ve seen the film, excuse the pun). But what makes Infection impressive isn’t its plot twists or horrific executions, it’s in the story.

Infection is a story about how guilt is a cancerous emotion, and how what’s eating us on the inside often has a way of getting out. Taking place in a hospital, it features a slew of broken doctors and incompetent nurses who are struggling with personal demons. This isn’t made any easier by the film’s catalyst. During an operation, a patient is administered the wrong drug, and dies. The doctors and nurses attempt to cover up the accident, but find that each of their consciences are working against them.

Masayuki Ochiai blurs the line between madness and reality as we watch an entire hospital crumble beneath the simple emotion of guilt. Part of what makes Infection a great time is that, like any good work of art, it offers new insights into the story upon repeat viewings, particularly in regards to the directors’ use of color.


25. REC (2007) – Jaume Balaguero/Paco Plaza


After the success of The Blair Witch Project (1999), an oversaturation of found footage films made their way into the mainstream. Most of these couldn’t hold a candle to Blair Witch and even more used the shaky camera as a gimmick for cheap scares. REC makes the found footage element seem organic to the story at the same time that the films direction is flawlessly executed, creating a tense atmosphere up until the last minute. Out of all the found footage films, you won’t find one better than REC.

It follows a young crew as they film a group of firefighters for a reality television segment. The firefighters receive a distress call from an apartment building where an elderly woman has been locked out of her apartment. After coming to her aid, the firefighters and crew are quarantined within the building and find themselves fighting for their lives.

Part of the anxiety driving REC is that it feels all too plausible. If a dangerous, rabies-like virus ever infected an individual building or area, it’s not ridiculous to think that authorities would quarantine the area. Even more frightening is the idea of being healthy and not being allowed to leave.

Don’t waste your time with the lackluster American remake, Quarantine (2008). Watch the original, and introduce yourself to the very best of Spanish horror.


24. Trick ‘r Treat (2007) – Michael Dougherty


A bit different from the other films on this list, Trick ‘r Treat is a horror anthology film, centered around four stories occurring on Halloween. Each story features a mysterious trick-or-treater named Sam who wears a burlap sack over his head and appears whenever someone breaks Halloween tradition.

Equivalent to a roller coaster, the film is an exceptionally crafted love letter to horror films of all kind. It features werewolves, undead children, serial killers, anything one could want out of such an anthology. Many horror films occur on or around Halloween, but somehow Trick ‘r Treat feels more festive than the rest. Like one would watch A Christmas Carol during the winter season, Trick ‘r Treat has become a staple for any Halloween tradition.

Surprisingly, the film was a straight-to-DVD release, but managed to gain a cult following. Michael Dougherty, the films director recently announced that he plans on making Trick r’ Treat 2 with Legendary Pictures. Hopefully you’ll be able to see this one in theaters.



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  • moe abdelkader

    What about The exorsicm of Emily rose !?
    And deliver us from evil “released this year”

    • Dayakar Padayachee

      Deliver Us from Evil was terrible. Sinister was a far better film

      • moe abdelkader

        I liked the way they used “the doors” songs, even the selected songs were just right!

    • Theo Papadakis

      Unfortunately The Exorcism of Emily Rose is constantly overlooked, and that is a shame. No horror film in the last 10 years has frightened me as much as Emily Rose. Everything about the film just works.

      • marie

        I totally agree. The way she count out the number of spirits in her is just freaking scary.

  • David Kosmak

    No love for any new wave indie horror, I see. “The House of the Devil” remains one of the best horror films I’ve ever seen. But Saw makes #4 on the list??

    • Benas Bačanskas


    • Yarbles Bog

      Yeah, leaving off House of the Devil is almost criminal.

    • Jime Bustos Paulich

      Yes! The house of Devil it’s amazing!

    • AphroditeBoy

      That’s honestly a polarizing film. I found it to be rather uneventful for the most part. Although I enjoyed the throwback vibe, the storyline itself felt familiar in the sense that it was highly derivative.

  • Max Decroix

    Solid list, but I have to disagree with including Ring. It was a poor remake that captured nothing of the eerie original. It would have made some room for overlooked gems like The Devil’s Backbone or Pulse.

    • Glenn

      The Devil’s Backbone is on the list………..

    • AphroditeBoy

      I disagree with your assessment of ‘The Ring.’ In some cases the original films are superior to the remakes, but despite popular opinion, this is not a universal rule. I think it boils down to which the viewer saw first. The production values and caliber of acting in the American version are of course much higher because they had a larger budget. But beyond just the money that was put into it, every piece of the movie came together to create a supremely haunting film. The soundtrack and editing was vastly superior in creating a subliminal effect by using scenes from the tape as quick transitions that you can miss if you blink. The cursed tape itself was very reminiscent films like Un Chien Andalou, and it was much better than the sad excuse for a cursed tape found in the Japanese version.

  • V/H/S and A Serbian Film?

    • Glenn


    • The Great King Beleth

      VHS yes… A Serbian Film… NO! That is a fucking piece of sycophantic disgusting pornographic bullshit!

      • Yarbles Bog

        I don’t think you know what sycophantic means.

        • The Great King Beleth

          I believe I used it correctly.”behaving or done in an obsequious way in order to gain advantage.”

          In my opinion the people who made the film are slaves to depravity on an unacceptable level.

          Acolytes to the most beastly aspects of the carnal self.

          You’d have to be in order to make something so graphic.

          They’ve re-created extreme violence, sexual depravity and human degradation, while they’ve at the same time taken advantage of the audience.

          Because what is seen can never be unseen.

          What they made is a very over the top film, to completely shock and thoroughly disgust people. They followed it through like an addiction or a fetish and made a movie that is impossible for anyone with a conscience to watch.

          I love horror movies. I have seen some sick films. But I could hardly watch A Serbian Film without thinking I was doing something wrong… I never even got through it.

          It seems as though the people who made the film were making it at gun point or being forced to make it against their will. No one in their right mind would want to make such a thing and even attempt to call it art.

          • Gabriel Gallardo Alarcón

            I don’t call it art. And I felt truly sick in some parts, but I liked the performances and the writting, so I watched it again. That makes me a sick and a horrible person?

          • The Great King Beleth

            Yes it does.

        • Somei Guyee

          He doesn’t. Yarbles, note that he edited the word in question (sycophantic) right out of his response(s)? This guy…

    • genecrazy

      lol VHS was awful..

      • Elias

        VHS 2 was better imo

    • Vincenzo Politi

      I think A Serbian Film is a masterpiece.

      • Porst

        I actually found it funny after a while. Not like comedy-funny, but in its over-the-topness. After a while it basically becomes a parody of itself. “Hey, what else can we do to shock people? Let’s throw that in too!” At a certain point I just separated myself from the story and dissected it as a film. By the end my reaction wasn’t “oh god that’s horrifying” but more like “Haha, of course it’s his own kid. Why wouldn’t it be?” It’s an interesting piece to analyze when the shock wears off before the movie’s over and you just get numb to it, because that’s exactly what the director was going for.

        • Vincenzo Politi

          Well, watching a movie is a very subjective experience. To me, A Serbian Film was not funny at all and I don’t think the director was going after a “wearing off” effect. The director said the movie was a metaphor of the current situation in Serbia and, call me idiot, I can see his point. I actually think that that movie could be a very good metaphor for the power relations governing the whole world, not only Serbia. I like to compare A Serbian Film to Pasolini’s Salò, another great metaphor of power relations in society.

          • Earl Smith

            Well stated. I too appreciate it for the socio-political commentary of Serbia and of the class structure of the world in whole.

        • Rich G

          I agree I found a lot of it very funny. Your analysis is very good. Much like Ichi the Killer it takes the violence and depravity so far it becomes surreal and bizarre and comical. For example the skull f*cking scene at the end.

  • Dayakar Padayachee

    Evil Dead remake was brilliant , what the hell, why isn’t it on the list

    • Cosmin Mihai

      Evil Dead was awful…

      • Scheme Gene

        Compared to 75% of this list it was a masterpiece

        • ChowYunPhat


          • Lewis Johnston

            Except I’m not wrong. Unless you think the Grainy Evil dead 1 holds up.
            Sam Raimi wouldn’t even agree, he remade it himself as Evil Dead 2.

  • Bijit Barat

    Guys!! SINISTER!

    • Owen Michael Davis

      Definitely, no!

  • debankan sen

    looks like the list is upside down…SAW better than the mist or the descent?? I don’t know…last page totally ruined it for me…the rest is quite good IMHO.

    • Philip

      I have to agree here! Although Saw one did surprise,… the other ones on the other hand…

  • Hisham Mohsen


    • Jimi LaMort

      Darth Maul on rollerskates is one of the worst films of the century. It up there with THE CONJURING and paint-by-numbers art.

  • Braca

    High Tension?

    • Philip

      The movie itself was pretty awesome,… But the ending was really bad…

  • Lex Sinclair

    Overall a good selection. Films such as Saw, 28 Days Later, The Host. Drag Me To Hell, The Ring, The Mist and some others were excellent choices. However, I would have also included Sinister, Insidious, The Sacrement, The House of the Devil, personally.

  • Monika Piechocka

    Have no idea why there isn’t a Sinister here, and why 28 Days Later is so high!

    • Glenn

      Because these movies sustain a pace throughout the whole movie. The first half of Sinister was downright masterful, and then it fell flat. Hard.

    • Philip

      Sinister scared the shit outta me!

      • The Great King Beleth

        Because you are a pussy…to be true.

  • Ted Wolf

    I know I’m in a minority, but I actually enjoyed the American remake of the Ring better than the Japanese original.

    • AphroditeBoy

      I think it’s about 50/50 in the community to be honest. Some are purists and will always think that the original of anything is better than any newer version merely on the merit that it came first. But there are others who take the actual content of the movies themselves into consideration when assessing which provides a more satisfying experience. I agree that the American remake is superior.

      • Raul Sanjines Morato

        well, i liked the american one not only because i saw it first, but also because the japanese one seemed too slow for me

      • Joao Ribeiro

        If you’re deaf and blind then the american remake is superior 🙂

        • AphroditeBoy

          Hans Zimmer. That is all.

  • IAmJohnsSpleen

    House of the Devil and The Inkkeepers belong on here. Didn’t find The Conjuring scary at all. What about Audition?

    • Daniel Baldwin

      Pretty sure Audition came out in 1999.

      • IAmJohnsSpleen

        You are correct!

  • Patrick Lee Connelly

    Where the fuck is Sinister? It’s way better then The Conjuring.

    • Glenn

      Ha. It’s not.

      • matt headley

        Yes it is. WAY better. Conjuring is so boring I didn’t make it.

    • serendipity1002

      I agree. The Conjuring? seriously. Though I had a hard time dealing with the hopelessly stupid leading actor (the author) in Sinister, it still produces a good amount of scare and chilling aftertaste long after the film was over; while Conjuring and Insidious (1,2) is just a big meh-fest,

    • AphroditeBoy

      I thought both were pretty bad films to be honest. ‘Sinister’ basically recycles themes found in ‘The Ring’ and ‘The Conjuring’ is derivative of every haunted house and possession movie that came before it.

    • genecrazy

      Sinister was pretty weak.

    • Gargi Pankaj Kowli

      I agree! Conjuring is a weak-ass film with a ordinary plot at best.

  • micaela relopez

    omg nakaka shock aman nohh 😛

  • vincenzo

    Just finished to watch “The conjuring”.

    I cannot believe that you had to courage to put this film in a list of the best horror.

    It is in truth an horrible film.
    I could not imagine a film more targeted to the average american.
    God, family, the house, the couple, the children, rural values.
    The American (broken) dream.
    What a huge pile of shit
    cheesy, flat, ultimately boring.
    Waste of time

    • matt headley

      Totally agree. Whereas Sinister scared the hell out of me.

      • vincenzo

        I haven’watched it yet. Will do. thanks!

        • Vincenzo Politi

          “Sinister” is indeed very good + Ethan Hawke is one of the best actors ever!

          • vincenzo

            Thank you. Watching it tonight

    • The Great King Beleth

      The Conjuring is based on actual events and it was set in the time frame in which the events had taken place. At the time that all of this was supposed to have happened ( in the 80’s) those values were still in place. When you tell a semi-biographical story that takes place in another time period, you need to show that in the film for the sake of context. I don’t think you know what the fuck you are even talking about. America is nothing like anymore.

      • Jimi LaMort

        “Actual events” according to two swindlers that are also attached to the lies and profits behind the Amityville case.

        • The Great King Beleth

          Frauds or not, that is what the movies about.

        • Jarek Draven

          Any adult with half a brain knows that when hollywood says “Based on actual events” what they actually mean is “Maybe just a tiny bit of truth.”

          Point still stands– these alleged events happened during a particular period, so the film reflects that period.

      • Somei Guyee

        Wowsers; awed in the presence of a bona fide egoist. “Based on actual events”? Ubershenanigans. (Seriously, though, try being the least bit critical and perhaps you won’t come across so douchey when ‘enlightening’ total strangers who dare comment.)

        • The Great King Beleth

          Geez, you fucking people are ignorant! The move is touted as being based on actual events. I didn’t fucking make the movie or that assertion, dumb ass. Blame the people that did. I gave an explanation, not a critique. I never even said I like the fucking movie.

          • Somei Guyee

            Tsk, tsk. Such language! To be quite honest, I could give two shites about the kind of cinema people go for. It’s a subjective, non-issue. Based on your last few posts, though, I did want to see how many pejoratives I could wring out of your miserable excuse for a life (read: get one). Picking up on a big “pre-teen screaming epithets into a head mic” vibe from ya. Ignorant? Perhaps. Troll? Oh, most definitely. Love you lots, man.

          • The Great King Beleth

            Such language? I do not believe in bad language. Language is language. It is a way to convey one’s feelings and/or emotions. I felt it necessary to use certain words to highlight how ignorant people can be and how perturbed I was for having to read banalities such as yours. You commented didn’t you? A troll…maybe. Pre-teen? I think not. Ignorant? Far from it. A life? I have a wonderful life and it’s not miserable in the least. Well played BTW. But I still win at the interwebs. lol

          • Somei Guyee

            Read it again, philosopher/poet (”lol” – seriously? Digging the gestalt of the ”pre-teen” inference now?). The ”ignorant” and ”troll” comments were directed towards *myself* as a response to *your* previous comment. Follow the train. Think highly of ourselves, don’t we? Language is language? How profound, smuggers! A win, for sure. Bit of a simplistic, overly competitive worldview for a badass Renaissance man like yourself, isn’t it? Honestly expected more from that run-on grocery list of things you proclaim to be. You win, though. Feel better? Or just perturbed for reading banalities such as mine?

          • The Great King Beleth

            I’m glad you recognize that you’re both a troll and ignorant. That is the first step to not being either. I was just trying to reciprocate.with you. Seeing as you are lonely and looking for attention. Also, I don’t know what your problem is, but you obviously have one. I hope you can find a way to fix it. I on the other hand am toying with you. I’ve had my fun. It’s back to work for me and to the closet with you.

          • Somei Guyee

            Reciprocity? Nah, you just can’t admit when wrong (your second translation didn’t get it right either, apologies for that – I wont use polysyllabics in the future). Another score and win for you, bobo. The “I’m rubber, you’re glue” style of debate went out of fashion right around the time our balls dropped. You keep going back to that child narrative – why? The only “problem” I have is that it you find necessity to treat other people (not necessarily me – as a consultant I deal with individuals like you all day) like shit just for having the temerity to express a different viewpoint; albeit people are incorrect at times. Just look at your slimy snail-trail of comments: You. Are. An. Egocentric. Dick. Glad you’re done with me though – just another thing (of many, I’m sure) that you can’t control, so you to kill it. Glad you had fun, though!

          • Somei Guyee

            Deletion of your profile – the last refuge of a scoundrel. RIP The Great King Beleth, you will be sorely missed.

          • Jarek Draven

            “I wont use polysyllabics in the future”

            You’re better off keeping that promise. Using long words doesn’t make you sound smart, except to other people who don’t know those words. To everyone else, you’ll sound like an idiot. Especially if you don’t use the words properly. And especially if you’re also being an antagonistic turd.

            Best to just avoid the whole mess, and speak naturally.

        • Jarek Draven

          Based on everything I’ve read from you, you should not be the one dispensing advice on how to NOT come across as a gigantic douche. Doesn’t seem like your area of expertise.

    • Ryan

      I’m not kidding when I say it was so boring I couldn’t get past three minutes in without checking my e-mail. It just telegraphed it’s sterility so early in.

  • Philip

    I can relate to most choices,… but why choose the American version of the ring when the Japanese version was first (and better)?

  • marie

    How can Insidious not be on the list??? WTH! Antichrist is not even a horror movie too.

  • Tito Piccolo

    Some are not even horror

  • Wednesday Lee Friday

    While the list includes a few films I didn’t care for (Cabin in the Woods, Drag me to Hell) overall, it’s the best list of its type that I’ve seen. No shitty teenager crap, plenty of indie and foreign. Eden Lake needs to be seen by a lot more people. The only thing that seems like a glaring omission to me is Home Movie. I recommend it.

  • LH

    The picture you used for Funny Games (US remake 2007) is from the 1997 original. Plus is not even horror, is a psychological thriller.

    • Jhaemes

      Isn’t that Naomi Watts?

      • HLLH

        He already changed it.

  • Alex Martin Nuez

    Dawn of the dead must be here. Much better than Shaun of the dead, an overated film .

  • Nicktkh

    Sinister, The House of the Devil, and V/H/S belong up there, not sure about Insisdious, haven’t seen that yet

  • oyunbozan

    silent hill? THERE IS NO SILENT HILL?!?

  • Olly Blew

    The Conjuring was so boring. I guess silly religious people found it scary

  • “It’s difficult to take zombie movies seriously”…?

  • Jhaemes

    Excellent list; have seen most, don’t agree with all, but you’ve made valid points as to why they’ve warranted their place in your Top 30. I do agree with some of the other posters: Insidious and Sinister both scared the crap out of me…especially that Bughul….keep hoping for a Sinister 2. Ti West has done some good work, too: The Sacrament was excellent, as was The Innkeepers, and House of the Devil was awesome 80’s! Not sure if they’re going to be ‘horror classics’, but enjoyable nonetheless. I’m just so thankful there was no ‘Serbian Movie’ or ‘The Human Centipede’ on your list; made your opinion all the more worthwhile. Good work. 🙂

  • The Great King Beleth

    30 best films of the 21st century? We are nearly 15yrs into the 21st century. This list is so impatiently premature. I am sure there are lot more to come in the next 85 years. lol

  • Matt Loudon

    Saw was a tremendous piece of shit and The Conjuring was vastly overrated.

  • Matt Loudon

    I slept through The Ring, so I can’t comment on that.

  • white_day_black_river

    I feel conflicted about ‘Drag Me to Hell’… I think it’s quite telling that the main character who suffers an eternity of torture was based on Raimi’s ex-girlfriend. It’s gleefully fun, but also weirdly mean-spirited and faintly misogynist. Although, that said, maybe it’s meant to make you question whether Christine deserves eternal punishment in Hell or not.

  • Fabi Ana

    is Hard Candy considered horror? if so, it totally should be on the list

  • Unkle Amon

    Cabin in the woods and Drag me to hell are highly overrated; Antichrist and I saw the Devil are great but can’t consider them as horror genre. Funny games also not horror and original (1997) is far better.

  • Amanda C Owens

    The Conjuring freaked me out, but Drag Me To Hell just made me want to crack up laughing.

    And what about Orphan? Or would that be considered more along the lines of “psychological thriller” rather than out and out horror?

  • Genesis Carvajal

    Considero que Anticristo no es de terror.

  • Bruno Serra


  • Roz Tillman

    I thought this was an excellent list. Only a few I haven’t seen, and a few I would have added to the list. But overall as lists go I thought it was very good.

  • Casey Park

    too many terrible films on the list over great films irreversible comes to mind immediately the sympathy for vengeance movies lady or MR i also didnt see cold fish on the list howling is also while not horror in a way creepier then thirst even if it is just a trained dog

  • Keith James

    Eden lake, good film, dreadful ending.

  • Rick Papineau

    The year 2000 is not part of the 21st Century… just saying.

  • Dan

    I am surprised that Martyrs is number one on this list, not because I disagree with it being there, but because of how much I COMPLETELY agree with it being there. This film affected me for days as I thought about its message and left a lasting impression. It was a brilliant horror film.

  • Daxton Norton

    Terrific list. You mention several, including Martyrs, that I’ve been meaning to watch.

  • Harry Palm

    ‘Saw’?! Really? And at number 7!

  • Ron Miller

    85 years to go in this century and you can still list what its best films are?

  • govind

    Bit i Think that Exorcist is the most dangerous film.

    You can get more info about from

  • Joe Hawkins

    Martys was just disturbing. I would sit thru the Exorcist before watching that again.
    That being said I was glad to see some of my favorites making the list:
    The Ring, The Others, The Conjuring

  • PitadorBoy

    This list sucks, sorry.

    Some of these movies have interesting stories, like 28 days later and some others, but they’re useless for what i’m looking for :

    ho, and for people who want to watch Annabelle, please don’t waste your time, because it’s the worst peace of sh*t i’ve ever seen in my entire life! HO MAN, what a boring movie it was!

  • Qualiarella18

    pls, join this cinema forums !!

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  • ChowYunPhat

    Just having The Mist on here gets you a win. Sadly underrated film.

  • AphroditeBoy

    Some of these I disagree with but many are very well deserved of their inclusion.

  • missannthrope

    Call me a purist, but some of these films are straight up comedies and don’t belong on a horror list. Even if they are comedies based on horror. I would have ditched the comedies and included movies such as High Tension, Session 9 and Pontypool.

  • Hamzah

    im sorry.. am i the only one who think drag me to hell should even come near this website? come on… they couldve at least put in any of the ju on films in place of that

  • Lloyd Subaldo

    Splinter (2008) – Toby Wilkins

    fun to watch this scary movie.

  • shiboleth

    It reminded me of some good films. Thanx …

  • acgogo

    I like the ending of “The Skeleton Key”. It still creeps me out.

    I did not see American Psycho although I heard it only contained about a 10th the sickening gross misogynist stuff that was in the book. Someone dared me to read it although I found it almost impossible. It’s the only book I ever threw in the garbage when I was done. Some might call that censorship or heresy. So be it. I think Brett E. Ellis owes the world an apology.

  • Jack Leiter

    Just watch The Conjuring the other day. While it had a few good jump scares, I thought it lacked depth. So watching an invisible ghost toss people around is comical. #3 is way too high. Movies I felt you left off, off the top of my head

    Session 9
    Event Horizon

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    the cabin in the woods is terrible

  • Klaus Dannick

    The Devil’s Rejects is the first film which came to mind when I saw the title of this article, and yet it is absent.

    Instead, I see American Psycho praised again. I will never understand the amount of respect that this pretentious, uninteresting film consistently receives. I do understand the praise heaped upon Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, but I find it a despicable work nonetheless.

  • Earl Smith

    These lists often lean heavily on Asian cinema. I’m not familiar enough with the cultural nuances to know if they’re great. I DO know House of the Devil…Strangers…We’re Still Here…The Babadook…You’re Next…Wolf Creek…May were great!

  • Joe Trudnak

    Got to add Feast ( 2005.)
    Must take issue with a few WAAAYYY overrated films on this list. The Conjuring, Trick R’Treat, and Drag Me to Hell were all mediocre at best.

  • Pan’s Labyrinth, Strange Circus and Takashi Miike’s Imprint would be really great for this list. Also, how is Saw better than Antichrist?

  • BK207

    no The Babadook? BS

  • Juhász Gábor

    Absentia (2011), come on.
    Should I be glad that ‘Tale of two sisters’ made your list since Conjuring is #4? Wha..??? Switch places at least!

  • Steve

    Thirst is an incredible film. Definitely worth seeing, the cinematography is amazing.

  • Elias

    Shaun of the dead is a comedy!!! And drag me to hell is one the worst movies ever… I laughed more than I got scared…

  • Guzal Ryžių Paprika

    What a delicious list!

  • Rich G

    The Ordeal “Calvaire”
    This list maker missed off this absolutely superb French classic, which pays homage to Straw dogs & The Wickerman with its own twisted humour, but included the Conjuring??
    The Conjuring is crap. Typical American horror, where they keep reminding you, you are watching a film so you will wont be properly disturbed. You never suspend disbelief because the characters are so cartoonish. The script is low brow and derivative and the best you can hope for is a couple of moments where you might jump with surprise. That’s not really Horror is it?

  • virginia n.

    Maybe this is an unpopular thought, but I really think Drag me to Hell to be one of the worst horror movies made in the last years. I really can’t understand why it is so loved. Could maybe anyone explain?