The 30 Most Controversial Movies of All Time

Jamie Bell in Nymphomaniac II

This list comprises 30 iconic samples of controversial cinema from the 20th and 21st century to our days. Most of the movies listed here are selected for their controversial or cinematographic relevance far beyond their release time. Most of them can also serve as a guide of the development, refreshment and nature of cinematic controversy in […]

The 10 Most Controversial Movies of The 2010s


Beneath artistic controversy lies a debate surrounding the nature of art: its mimetic powers and its goals. There are several positions towards these topics. Plato moved from banning artists to approving them under certain institutional conditions. In one of his most famous sayings, Nietzsche insinuated that controversial figures were nothing but a means for strengthening […]

The 25 Most Controversial Movies of The 2000s


This list comprises 25 of the most controversial movies of the 2000s. Some are openly controversial, others are a mere reflex of their time, but each of the movies listed here pushed the boundaries of transgression by elaborating on older or current uncomfortable subjects.   25. Visitor Q (Takashi Miike, 2001) “Visitor Q” is a […]

The 20 Most Controversial Movies of The 1990s

most controversial movies 1990s

A decade that saw a reconfiguration of the world order and the beginning of the overcrowding of technology, the 90’s meant also an interesting balance in cinema. Carrying the 70’s conscious creativity and the 80’s blockbuster settlement, the 90s were rich in productions that became a matter of interest to diverse audiences. Controversy surrounding 90’s […]

The 14 Most Controversial Movies of The 1980s

blue velvet

This list gathers some of the most controversial movies of the 1980s. A time of major commercial hits and the undeniable boom of the blockbuster formula, the 80s tend to be seen as disappointing when compared with the serious and imaginative cinematographic experimentation of 70s. The case of controversial and transgressive films seems to support that […]

The 20 Most Controversial Movies of The 1970s


As a late outcome of the lax censorship forced by the countercultural manifestations of the 1960s, the increasing recurrence of violent films in the late 60s anticipated the 1970s experimentation with extremism in cinema. Sometimes consciously, others as a mere result of circumstances, the 70s were rich in productions that further crossed the already transgressed […]