The 20 Best Movies With a Nonlinear Storyline

once upon a time in america

Nonlinear narratives comprise a vast amount of narratives that do not tend to follow the direct causality pattern of their depicted events. Generally speaking, such amount responds to the variety of available resources, from flashbacks to anarchic deconstructions, narrators have to constitute nonlinear exercises. Experimentation with non linear narratives in Cinema can be traced to […]

20 Essential Films For An Introduction To Avant-Garde Cinema


Avant-garde is a term used to refer a series of manifestations that openly depart from the canons of the Status Quo. Though the eagerness to innovate can be traced through different stages of history, the emergence of Avant-garde manifestations occurred at the final stage of 19th century. Those manifestations met a golden age of development […]

20 Essential Films For An Introduction To New Mexican Cinema

new mexican cinema

“New Mexican Cinema” is a term for a series of Mexican films produced upon the 1990’s and the 2000’s after what is regarded as a generally declining period for Mexican Cinema; a period in which filmmakers like Arturo Ripstein, Jorge Fons and Jaime Humberto Hermosillo are regarded as heralds the upcoming Mexican Cinema would learn from. Those […]

The 20 Best Vampire Movies Every Horror Fan Should Watch

Cinema’s debt to vampires can not be underestimated. Seductive, dangerous and lonely, vampires called cinema’s attention nearly since its beginning and were crucial to cinema´s development by writing some of its most memorable chapters. Myths and historic approximations surrounding vampires are abundant. However, it was Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula the novel that settled the modern picture […]

The 15 Best Anthology Horror Films You Need To Watch

Trick r’ Treat

Anthology seems to be a suitable resort for Horror as a film genre. Normally composed by three or four short films interwoven by a primal or frame story, anthology horror films tend to find the positive reception and even critical acclaim commonly unusual in the genre. This may not be suppressive at all; regarding the […]