10 Forgotten Sci-Fi Movies from the 1980s Worth Your Time

forgotten 80s sci-fi movies

In the late 1970s, Star Wars and Alien left such a huge mark on modern science fiction cinema that both films arguably redefined the genre for the average moviegoer. For the most part, we now thought of outer space as an action-filled playground populated by creatures both wondrous and horrifying. Well into the following decade, […]

10 Forgotten Thrillers from The 1980s Worth Your Time

Runaway Train

As the 1970s drew to a close, Hollywood was changing yet again. When such simple, high concept films as Jaws, Star Wars and Alien began raking-in astronomical amounts of money at the box-office, the blockbuster mentality took over (and still rules today). With some notable exceptions, genres such as westerns, musicals and historical epics gave […]

10 Forgotten Thrillers from The 1970s Worth Your Time


It can strongly be argued that the 1970s was the decade when Hollywood fully did-away with traditional movie-making conventions. Once-radical films of the 60s, such as Easy Rider, Bonnie and Clyde, Rosemary‚Äôs Baby and The Wild Bunch, paved the way for a new generation of writers, producers and directors to creatively flourish, no longer bound […]

10 Great Heavy Metal Movies That Are Worth Your Time

Heavy metal music has always been either wholeheartedly embraced, its musicians revered as demigods by legions who worship them, or simply written off as nonsensical noise punctuated by screaming. Aside from rap, no other genre in music history is more adored and reviled in equal measures. Even during the 1980s (metal’s heyday as the most […]