The 13 Most Amazing In-Camera Special Effects in Movie History


It seems almost impossible to remember a time when computer generated effects did not dominate the movie screen. From Disney’s revolutionary Tron to that first glimpse of a Brontosaurus in Jurassic Park, CGI has become essential to filmmaking. When used correctly, and preferably with moderation, it can create pure magic. Just watch any of the […]

5 Reasons Why “Heaven’s Gate” Is An Unjustly Maligned Masterpiece

People never agree on films. That’s one of the greatest attributes of the cinema. We’ve all participated in heated debates defending or damning a certain picture. It’s something that all cinephiles treasure. We hold our favorites close to our hearts and protect them like our children from naysayers. Sometimes, we have a lot of ammunition […]

10 Lost Films That Were Probably Masterpieces

lost masterpieces

Film was once a fragile medium. Nitrate film stock, the industry standard during the early days of cinema history, was highly combustable and subject to decomposition. Before the advent of boutique home video retailers, film preservation was relegated to mostly prestige pictures. For decades, hidden classics wasted away in metal cans – all but forgotten. […]

6 Reasons Why “Amadeus” Is The Best Movie of The 1980s

The Eighties were a truly intriguing time for cinema. While Americans buried the auteur driven films of the Seventies with glitzy, glamorous films influenced by rock videos, world cinema began to grow ever more introspective. Just compare “Rambo: First Blood II” with “Come and See.” Both are war films, both were released in 1985, yet […]