10 Great Movies From The 21st Century That Raise Profound Questions

Basic Hollywood films tend to not leave anything left to chance. Settling scores and tying up any loose ends to not leave anyone confused or alienated. In the 2007 film “I am Legend” the studio, following audience test feedback, felt the ending was too challenging and made the team change it to the “heroic sacrifice” […]

15 Great Movies From The Past 20 Years You May Have Missed


A good denomination when analysing any amount time when focusing on film history is about 20 years, a lot can happen in 20 years in regards to film history. Between 1900-1920 the first feature films were made, parallel editing and cross cutting became more prevalent, experimental use of basic special effects were pioneered. Between 1921-1940 […]

15 Great 1990s Movies No One Talks About

Apart from the first fifty years of cinema (for the sake of argument, the first fifty are 1890-1940), most succeeding decades of cinema have had marginal advancements in the overall technology of the art form. Of course when regarding the ideological, artistic and theoretical aspects of film, then there was—and still is—innovation every year. The […]

20 Great 2000s Movies No One Talks About

Of all the important films to have emerged from the aughts (2000-2009), so many of them have become quintessential modern classics for any cinephile or film buff. “Spirited Away” is the critical and commercial success that finally cemented Japanese animation’s place as an entertainment juggernaut in the mainstream. “The Dark Knight” proved that a superhero […]

7 Reasons Why “Le Trou” Is The Best Prison Escape Movie Ever Made

The allure of a prison escape film seems to permeate throughout our society. Even though we, the audience, are usually cheering for people that have probably committed heinous crimes, seeing them achieve their inevitable decampment is an exhilarating experience. Freedom and choice is an intrinsic value among all people, it is human nature to want […]