All 10 Noah Baumbach Movies Ranked From Worst To Best

American filmmaker Noah Baumbach has been widely celebrated since his first film was released in the mid 1990’s. The majority of Baumbach’s films take place in or around New York City and the iconic settings are explored by the Brooklyn-born director in a terrific manner, almost harkening back to the iconic city’s rich filmic history. […]

10 Great Bizarre Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

Although cinema is a very contemporary art form in the grand scheme of history, it would still be impossible to see every movie ever made in the past century alone. Many great and bizarre films have been released since the birth of cinema, presenting and expanding upon countless subjects and characters throughout global history, at […]

The 10 Biggest Snubs of 2020 Oscar Nominations

While the language of cinema in 2019 may have told emotional and diverse stories, the 2020 Oscar nominations seemed to have largely shunned unfamiliar creative voices in favor of conventional and recognizable talents. While the past few Oscar seasons have seemingly worked to rectify the cultural callout of 2016’s #OscarsSoWhite, this year’s 2020 nominations are […]