10 Directorial Prototype Predecessors to Classic Movies

shallow grave ewan macgreg

Often, tracking the natural transitions of a director, or any artist can be quite clearly defined, by the stages of their works. It isn’t at uncommon to cite specific periods and segments of a filmmaker’s output, be they determined by their nation of residency, such as Alfred Hitchcock, Luis Bunuel or Roman Polanski, or determined […]

20 Great Movies That Feature Notably Excessive Violence

movies with violence

As long as pictures are made by people, and very often about people in one-way or another, violent content is inevitable. Long has it been stereotyped, with despair, our species’ inherent love affair with violent activity, and the cinema is absolutely representative of that. Whether it be an entire several decade-enduring genre of American film […]

10 Famous Filmmakers Regularly Accused of Style-Over-Substance

best brian de palma films

  The phrase essentially speaks for itself, and all those who deride the term’s usage must be mostly, or entirely, speaking out of a reactionary mindset against its overuse and frequent inappropriate application: the term is a perfectly sensible and applicable one to the motion picture art. When can a cinematic product be considered a […]

The 10 Best Animated Sci-fi Movies of All Time


Science Fiction and VFX have long been the marriage required to keep both running at their full potential and capacity, but what if there were another means of crafting the visual splendour and lack of physical realisation that comes with the genre’s territory? There is, but it happens to be also wholly expensive, and possibly […]

The 10 Best Geek Movies of The Last 5 Years

Dune (Alejandro Jodorowsky)

The true geek is a fussy creature, for he/she is rarely sated. During the 2000s, and decades prior, attempts by mainstream filmmakers to base films on beloved fictional properties pertaining to niche markets and fan-bases were often derided for their lack of interest or care. It was felt there was less interest in creating artistically […]