10 Movies That Are Both Philosophically Profound and Visually Stunning

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In this list, I present 10 films that are both philosophically profound and visually stunning. It is difficult to choose just 10, and many of the directors whose films make it onto this list deserve more than just one mention. However, I limit myself to one film per author. I welcome suggestions or additions.   […]

7 Stanley Kubrick Films and Their Philosophical Takeaways

2001 A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubrick is one of the most well-known and well appreciated filmmakers in America’s history. His films have shaped and altered American cinema by pushing boundaries, breaking rules, and bringing a depth that most American filmmakers cannot bring to the table. In part, this success is due to Kubrick’s undeniable intellect and curiosity, and in […]

12 Coen Brothers Films and Their Philosophical Takeaways


Joel and Ethan Coen were born in 1954 and 1957 respectively in Minnesota. From there, Joel went on to study film at NYU and Ethan to study philosophy (Wittgenstein in particular) at Princeton. After graduation, Joel began work as a production assistant before co-writing his first major film, Blood Simple, with Ethan. Little did anyone […]