5 Interesting Uses of Lateral Movement in Film

Left or right? A decision not only for the director, but the characters themselves. Showing a character’s inner thought process is one of the most prolific issues facing cinema, and has been since its birth; without the use of forthright soliloquy, which all too candidly spells out the authors views, and doesn’t let the audience […]

10 Great Movies That Use Silence Brilliantly


Sound, unlike the image, doesn’t force itself upon you. It very rarely forces any perspective; you are free to explore auditory stimulus without intervention by the artist – who’s constantly shifting your view, and limiting your focus. At least, that’s the image it’s given itself. The beauty of sound comes from the way filmmakers have […]

10 Great Movies That Use Color to Signify a Change in Narrative or Emotion

Colour, in film, has gone on quite a journey: from the trivial and fanciful use of colour in early cinema, to the tonal and emotional, then the realistic and over-sober, and back to its comfortable middle-ground of visceral engagement. The first uses of colour came in the form of film tinting, whereby a part of […]